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Launch Party

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Launch Party

Darryl enters to deliver a ream of paper Kelly ordered online. Jim looks at Dwight. Dwight takes off after Darryl. This won't end well.

Dwight follows Darryl into the annex, where he shrieks at Kelly for fucking up his sales contest. Kelly obliviously defends herself by saying how much fun it is to move the paper into the little cart. Dwight starts to scream at her some more -- "DAMMIT, Kelly, IT KNOWS! IT KNOWS WHAT YOU DID!" -- and Darryl's like, "Who knows?" He orders her to return it, but Darryl inserts himself between them and advises Dwight, "How about instead of yelling at our sweet little Miss Kapoor over five hundred sheets of paper, you get back to your desk and start selling multiple reams, like a man?" Snap! Blue-collar snap! Dwight lowers his tone, but says that if Kelly's ream makes the difference, he's going to tell "it" that Darryl was responsible. Darryl would still like to know who or what "it" is, but instead of getting into it, Dwight races back to his desk to try to claw back some of his pride. Once he's gone, Darryl smoothly asks Kelly whether she's still missing Ryan. Kelly: "Not so much anymore." Darryl: "Mm." I have to say how pretty Mindy Kaling looks in this episode. Her hair is fab, and that adorable wrap dress is such a cute shape on her and makes her look really tall. I love you, Mindy!

Back at his desk, Dwight produces a small red metal index card file, which he guiltily unlocks with much furtive ceremony. He interviews that when he left Staples, he stole some of their leads. He didn't intend he would ever use them, though: "What did I intend to do with them? Who knows. Maybe keep them as a souvenir. Maybe use them." Dwight calls the first, offering a 10% discount, and trying to downplay how he got the client's number. Before Jim can turn this to his advantage, though, Michael comes out and announces that Jim will be driving. Jim's like, "Uh, okay," and says he has to go say goodbye to Pam first. Michael does a little more crowing about that. He then suggests that since he's on his way out, everyone can leave a bit early, but Angela plaintively reminds him about the party she's been planning for two weeks. Michael makes another short joke, and then after Jim and Michael roll out, Dwight gets another IM: "Oh. I didn't realize we could use the leads we stole from Staples." Dwight is left to wonder how the computer got its prongs into his head as we go to commercials.

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