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No Sleep Till Utica

Michael is messing around with the PA function on his phone that he just found out about, which has the effect of broadcasting every unamusing thought he has into the bullpen in real time. Imagine if Michael had a Twitter account and insisted on reading it out loud at all times. Except that it's more annoying than it sounds. Finally, after listening to Michael call Toby out as a bed-wetter, Jim enters Michael's office, pretends to look for something under Michael's desk, and surreptitiously snips the wire with the scissors he tucked into his back pocket. "I'll look again tomorrow," he says, leaving Michael to get back to happily broadcasting his stream of consciousness, but only to himself. Win-win-win!

Michael and Pam are at a motel! But extreme care is taken to show that they're staying in separate rooms. After a deceptively brief look at them sitting silently at a breakfast diner, Michael does a parking-lot TH in which he first claims that he and Pam have eloped, then that they robbed a bank, and finally that he has been sent on a speaking tour of the other branches (save Nashua, of course) to share the secrets of Scranton's success. The other two were more likely. Pam's struggles with his luggage in the background are becoming more noticeable, and Michael says he likes to pack heavy. "He brought a sled," she says. She's come along as his driver/assistant, for the travel and for the time-and-a-half overtime for 72 straight hours. As he gets into the back seat, he complains that she's not dressing the part of the hot assistant. That would appear to be too damn bad.

Kelly slams through the office, telling both Jim and Dwight to screw themselves. "You forgot her birthday," Phyllis explains to them. "It was yesterday." Uh-oh.

Dwight and Jim give a joint TH in which they each give their version of how they ended up as joint heads of the party planning committee. Well, you know the history. You should also know that they both hate it. Andy Kelly THs about how disappointed she was yesterday. "I think sometimes people are really mean to the hot, popular girl."

In the car, Pam asks for permission to turn on the radio, but he's being a prima donna about needing either silence or Sam Kinison to prepare. She complains until he offers to talk. She assures him that she's fine humming to herself but then he talks anyway, asking if she's nervous about seeing Karen at the Utica branch, and if that's why she's wearing makeup today. "No!" Pam protests. "I'm not wearing...that...much..." Dammit, Michael's obliviousness always gives out at the worst times. She THs about how she doesn't like the idea of someone hating her. That includes both Al Qaeda and Karen.

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