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Disaster in New Hampshire

Instead of a teaser this week, we get previouslies. Weird.

After the credits, Angela enters the kitchen in a suspiciously good mood, even making an approving remark to Kevin while he two-fists ice cream treats. She happily announces that she just got a new cat, the offspring of a movie star (her father was in Meet the Parents, which I can't imagine Angela saw, because she certainly wouldn't approve) who among her other fine qualities "doesn't struggle when you try to dress her." Apparently it set her back seven grand. "I could get you a kid for that," Creed claims. As always, I believe him. Angela sold Andy's engagement ring on eBay to swing it, so it's probably just as well that Andy's not in this episode. "Her name is Princess Lady!" Oh, dear God.

So then everyone's gathered around Angela's computer, which she has set up to run a live camera feed of the menagerie that is her living room. She says she normally takes leave when she gets a new cat, but this time she's out of vacation. "This company still doesn't recognize cat maternity," she complains. She should take it up with David Wallace, if only because I'd like to watch that scene.

While on the road, Michael's asleep in the back seat of the car, while Pam exposits to us that they're making a detour to Nashua so Michael can get some closure with Holly. She cracks that Nashua sounded pretty excited on the phone. "Probably because their office is only accessible by cross-country skis!" After waiting for a laugh that doesn't come, Pam readily admits that she's been on the road too long. It's true -- shit gets funny on road trips for no reason. One time in Williams, Arizona, my friend Kraftmatik just said, "Yeah, dude," to my wife and I laughed hysterically for like ten minutes.

Jim puts Kelly's ice cream cake in the freezer, proudly showing off his one party-related accomplishment to the camera as he does so. His pleasure is short-lived, though, because he hears Dwight loudly grilling Kelly. He goes back to the annex, where he learns that Kelly was in juvie back in the day. As long as "learns" doesn't presuppose the verb "cares." Jim points out to Dwight that Kelly was 14 at the time. "If she's old enough to get married, she's old enough to follow the law," Dwight insists. Kelly finally admits that it was for stealing her boyfriend's father's boat after the boyfriend dumped her. Okay, that sounds like something Kelly would do today. She's upset, so Jim tries to smooth it over by bringing her into the kitchen to show her her cake. Which she hates, because it's completely white and blank. It doesn't even have her name on it, because as Jim admits in a TH, he couldn't remember if it's spelled "Kelly" or "Kelley." If only they had access to her personnel file. Kelly asks what the theme is, and Jim mutters "Birthday" while Dwight says, "Frosting." Kelly storms off, leaving Phyllis to passive-aggressively inform the boys, "There's always a theme." Oh, shut up, Phyllis. Party planning is usually done without blackmail, too. Dwight calls Jim a bozo for screwing up the cake, and Jim snaps back, "Next time, you get the cake and I get to scream at the birthday girl." Suddenly I'm looking forward to the next birthday party.

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