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Disaster in New Hampshire

Angela has left her kitty-cam on at her computer, so Oscar and Kevin get to watch when she arrives home, scolds Mr. Ash, and "comforts" Princess Lady. Which includes cleaning her with her tongue. "This is getting weird," Kevin says belatedly.

In the empty Nashua bullpen, Michael has found Holly's desk, with a yellow cardigan draped over the chair. Michael's so moved by this artifact that he cuts off half the sleeve to take with him. When he pushes her chair back, he bumps her mouse and shuts off the screensaver, revealing that her desktop wallpaper is Ed Grimley. Which is way more Holly than the yellow cardigan, if you ask me. That makes him smile through the tears, and then he notices an icon on her desktop that gets his attention: a Word document named "Dear Michael." Instead of opening it, Michael inserts his Flash drive keychain, which starts blinking. I could predict that Michael's accidentally stealing every file in Holly's computer, or worse, uploading his vacation photos with Jan or his Threat Level Midnight screenplay, but I'm just blown away that someone on TV actually uses Windows.

Angela returns to the office, surprised and maybe a bit embarrassed to see that her kitty-cam is still on. Oscar and Kevin claim ignorance of anything that may or may not have happened on it. "I was looking at pictures of food on my computer," Kevin claims. Angela settles down in her chair, and then coughs up a hairball. Which would be funny enough, except then Oscar does a little TH in which he tells us what just happened. It's not like The Office to have to explain a joke like that.

Out in the parking lot, Pam and Michael load his suitcase into their car while the entire Nashua staff watches from the window above. Afterward, at a diner, Michael confesses to Pam what he did, and says he plans to read it. Pam says he can't, because it would be a violation of Holly's trust. "I could read it," she offers. As Michael runs to get his laptop, Pam looks guiltily at the camera and says, "What? I'm not in love with her." Maybe not, Beesly, but you might be a tad over-invested.

In the Scranton conference room, Dwight is still half-assedly blowing up balloons and even more half-assedly brainstorming themes with Jim. At least he admits the "horse hunt" is stupid and lets it drop. Jim asks Dwight of he remembers a special birthday, and Dwight reminds us that the Schrutes don't celebrate them, since the Great Depression. Jim reminisces about his own seventh birthday, when his dad took him to the natural history museum, looked at fossils with him all day, and bought him a little plastic triceratops. "It was awesome," Jim says, the easiest-to-please seven-year-old who ever lived. Dwight agrees that that's cool, but adds, "You know what's even cooler than Triceratops? Every other dinosaur that ever existed." "Didn't see that coming," Jim tells us. He really should have.

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