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Scratching in Scranton

After the ads, everyone's screaming at Pam while she tries to make excuses. She apologizes to Meredith, but Meredith isn't having it. But in a smug TH, Meredith boasts about not being the one who brought lice into the office. "Sure, I gave everybody pinkeye once and my ex keyed a few of their cars, and yeah, I BM'ed in the shredder on New Year's. But I didn't bring the lice in! That was all Pam!"

From inside the manager's office, Dwight uses his megaphone to announce that he's about to toss an insecticidal grenade into the bullpen and they have sixty seconds to evacuate. While he's running down the litany of the toxins within, he drops the grenade and CGI vapors cover the entire window from inside, blocking him from view. When they clear, he's almost immediately tripping, and counts down from ten to purple before collapsing.

Angela has Oscar leaning back against the sink to wash out the mayonnaise, which includes banging the coffee pot against his head and then emptying it on his face. "You're waterboarding me!" he manages to spit. Angela's not too broken up over it.

Kevin's playing with a big roll of bubble wrap and the baler in the warehouse while one of the workers looks on skeptically.

Erin and Pete are next for the sink, and he strips to his wifebeater so she can start rinsing the his head. Which they both seem to rather enjoy, given that he's wearing an Elvis Presley pompadour littered with dead bugs.

Warehouse workers run to the bubble-wrap-clogged baler while Kevin feigns innocence.

Val comes up to Darryl and says she's willing to make it work. Darryl says he doesn't want to force her to do anything she doesn't want to, but she insists that she's up for it. "I'm back together with Val. Yaaay," Darryl THs grimly. She kisses him while Nellie, Kevin and Phyllis take a bow.

Dwight packs his hazmat suit into the car, saying it was a pretty good day today. And then a bug grenade goes off inside his car, giving the CGI people another chance to make with the fake vapors. Must be a nice break from pixellating genitals for them.

Back inside the office, Pete asks if Erin already left. Oscar guesses so, but Erin's hiding around the corner, avoiding him.

Jim and Dr. J. are still fooling around on the basketball court, not doing business of any kind that I can determine, and he misses a call from Pam. She leaves him a voice mail saying she hopes his day got better and hangs up. Meredith invites her out for a beer, adding, "You're buying." At the bar, over a pitcher, Pam apologizes again to Meredith and gives her props for not only being a single mom but also rocking the shaved head look. "I got the bartender's phone number while you were in the john," Meredith boasts. "I'm gonna take that freak to Bonetown before the night is over." They clink glasses. And that's it. Well, not quite; in the tag, they do a drunkenly karaoke duet of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." In place of ending the episode with anything resembling a joke. Seriously? I think I preferred the lice.

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