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Michael finds the ad guys and tells them they can't shoot the commercial today, and that they should come back at "never-hundred hours." The one guy starts to say that they were commissioned to do this by Corporate, but the other one's like, "Yeah, I'm not going to argue with this douche, let's go." To Michael, he says, "Good luck, dude," in a way that means "Have fun making Citizen Kane on a used-car-dealership budget." Cut to Michael's office, where he has to justify this decision to David at Corporate. Michael begins by saying that Ryan's acting like a "little bitch," at which point Ryan pipes up that he's in on the call, and Michael's all, "Hey, buddy!" Michael says he wants to do the ad entirely in-house, and if it’s not to David's satisfaction, they can bring the ad guys back and do the professional commercial, on Michael's dime. He means that literally, I'm assuming, since after last week I think Michael only has one dime to his name. David: "This is weird." But he agrees, most reluctantly. Michael hangs up and turns to the camera: "And thus, Michael Scott sealed his own destiny. ...In a good way."

After the break, Michael is giving the staff a pep talk on how awesomely creative they all are. "You are so much more creative than all the other dry, boring morons that you work with." Jim tilts his head (I know!) and asks Michael who exactly he's speaking to right now. Kevin, no stranger to creativity himself (hey, Scrantonicity didn't think itself up), interviews that he's no stranger to commercials, since they called him "Kool-Aid Man" in school. Then he makes the most horrifying big-smiled face you've ever seen, which I guess is supposed to remind us of the Kool-Aid Man, but instead just makes me think of the last thing you see before you die. Back to Michael, who says they have three scenes to film, plus a song to write. He charges Kelly with doing makeup (she's thrilled), Oscar with doing the costumes ("obviously"), and he tasks Phyllis with finding celebrities around town and wrangling them to be in the ad. Cut to Phyllis at her desk, dramatically yelping, "Sue Grafton is at the Steamtown Mall! She's doing a book signing right now!" HA! Okay, maybe you had to have worked in a public library to quite get just how perfect and hilarious it is that someone like Phyllis is getting so worked up over Sue Grafton. Michael sends Phyllis to the mall to catch her a mystery author; "This could be a huge coupe, people!" Andy asks if anyone knows if Sue Grafton is even hot. Creed says she's "crazy hot," to which Andy smarms that they could just get Angela to pretend to be her, then. Angela says that's not happening, then interviews that she finds the mystery genre disgusting: "I hate being titillated." Which explains the choice in boyfriends. "Light it up, Phyllis!" Michael calls as she charges out of the office on her quest. "Get 'er, Phyl!" yells (I think?) Creed. I love that they sent Phyllis on a kidnapping mission instead of, like, Dwight. She's so the Squeaky Fromme of this outfit. And anyway, Dwight's too busy flying around his Second Life, as we see yet again.

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