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Michael sends the ad to Corporate, then asks Pam to clear his phone lines so that when Corporate calls back -- after immediately watching the ad, as he's sure they'll do -- the lines will be open. Pam makes "beep-beep-boop" noises, which apparently fool Michael, because this is the time on Sprockets when Michael's retarded. Michael nervously rocks back and forth in his chair, checks his watch, then picks up the phone to call Corporate, just to make sure.

The camera then fades out and fades back, "ten days later," on Michael getting out of his car. I don't know if we've ever seen this kind of time lapse on the show before. It's very documentary-like, and I always enjoy when we're reminded that this is supposedly a documentary film. Anyway, Michael explains to us that "the geniuses at Corporate" rejected his commercial and tonight, they're airing the "brain-dead" version. We see that Michael's walking into Poor Richard's, where the whole Scranton gang has gathered to watch the ad. The ad is the same one Michael was shown by the ad guys, only with the Scranton branch doing the parking-lot-wave at the end. So they didn't even switch it up to clapping? Michael must've really been despondent. Everyone besides Michael seems to recognize it for the dumb, silly, kind of cool thing that it is -- "Hey look, we're on TV," that kind of thing. Michael, of course, is livid. He bitches to Jim and Pam and the waiter that the ad they made was "full of depth and humor and heart." Speaking of depth and humor and heart, Jim passes a DVD of the unaired Scranton as and asks the bartender if he could play it on the bar TVs. I really hope there wasn't a sporting event going on. Nobody needs to get beat up over this. Speaking of, is Roy there? Doesn't he live at Poor Richard's?

Anyhoo, we get to see the "real" Dunder Mifflin commercial, "the Michael Scott director's cut." The ad is just as queer as you'd expect, but kind of a cool accomplishment for the group of social retards that make up the Scranton branch. Does it feature Vangelis's score from Chariots Of Fire? Bet your ass. The ad's concept is one sheet of paper being passed on from place to place, holding a different, hilariously broad message each time. For Meredith and Creed it's a "Corporate Memo," for Kelly, dressed in a sari in front of a Taj Mahal backdrop, it reads "I Love You." She passes it to Andy, who holds it like a baton and wins the relay race. Frowny-faced Dwight hands housewife Phyllis a sheet that reads "You have a son, and it's me." Phyllis, as per Michael's voice-over, realizes that that's not so bad after all. Orange-jumpsuited Stanley picks up the paper while collecting trash at the side of the road (oh, Jesus...), and it's a flyer for Dunder Mifflin, who's hiring. It's his shot at a second chance! Jim crumples up said flyer and tosses it over his back into the trash, where Michael retrieves it, uncrumples it, and puts it in a frame in his office, where it reads "World's Most Creative Boss." Michael then hits us with the tagline: Dunder Mifflin: Limitless Paper In A Paperless World." Wow. That's almost poignant. In a terribly sad, antithetical to the marketing objective, totally depressing kind of way.

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