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After it's done, everyone claps for Michael, and the waiter gives Pam props on the computer animation. Then he asks her if she's ever been on a motorcycle before, which is Jim's cue to put his arm around his lady. Michael, incredibly pleased, says the next round of drinks is on him, which earns more applause. This is possibly Michael's greatest day since "Office Olympics." Which I think was the last time an episode ended on such a heartwarming note.

...What do you mean, "Then it's a date"?

Coda: Andy's still trying to figure out that damn Kit-Kat song. "Hair-For-Men...Poi-son-Gas...Nu-tri-Sweet..." He ultimately decides it has to rhyme with "piece" (um...), which leads him to "Fan-cy-Feast! Break me off a piece of that Fancy Feast! Nailed it." Damn right he did.

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