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Starting this episode right up with a crisis -- someone left a dog locked in a car in the parking lot. The employees argue about what to do and stress out at each other, but Kevin's the first to come up with an actual plan: "I'm going to get in my car. When I start dying, I will honk the horn three times. That means save the dog." Dwight pours his milkshake into the sunroof and onto the seats to try giving the dog a drink, and after more bickering, Oscar strides up with a tire iron and smashes the back passenger window. "And one for good measure," he adds, smashing a taillight when the others cheer his bold action. [Note: Though no one points out that both the back seat and the pup would now be covered in glass -- RS.] So now what to do with the dog trying to jump out the missing window? Jim says it's Oscar's deal. "You want a dog?" Cut to Oscar punching air holes into the cardboard he duct-taped into the window. Day saved. Well, except for Kevin, unconscious with his face on his steering wheel.

Apparently the warehouse crew won 950 thousand dollars in the lottery and quit yesterday, which puts a lot of pressure on Andy. "I'm the one who has to tell everyone to get back to work," he THs. "I'm the one who has to tell Darryl to hire a new warehouse crew. I'm the one who has to say those things!"

Darryl is happy to get a call from his ex-ex, Justine. From Darryl's end of the call, we can tell she's all excited about the lottery win, until she learns Darryl quit playing with the warehouse crew when he got promoted. Darryl hangs up rather than give her the number of one of the guys who won. He THs, "They won...playing my birthday." In the bullpen, everyone (well, mostly just Pam and Jim) is still talking about what they would do with the money. Kelly THs that she'd still work, for like a dollar a year. "Obviously I wouldn't come in 'til noon, and I wouldn't do anything I didn't want to do. I mean, I'm getting paid a dollar year, okay? You can chill." Andy, frustrated with the lack of working, issues a general threat: if it doesn't get better, he will change his tone, to that of a bad Mr. T impression. "I feel sympathy for the jerks who have to listen to this all day!" Well, at least it's not an empty threat. Andy asks Darryl how staffing the warehouse is going, but Darryl's not really on it until Phyllis and Andy stress at him about important order for a client Phyllis can't afford to lose. Andy calls for volunteers to cover the warehouse, but only Erin raises her hand. "If you guys don't need me up here," she hastens to add. They so don't. Oscar makes noises about chivalry, but claims a bad hip prevents him from joining in himself. Jim says he's in, "as the strongest person in this office." Which of course is only a goad to get Dwight to volunteer, which totally works. Andy calls on Kevin, who resentfully THs, "Good old Kevin, he'll do anything. Well guess what: I will not do a good job." That was almost a joke, right?

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