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Angela drops a clipboard off at Pam's desk, trying to pass it off as a lotto pool sign-up when it's a guess your baby's weight thing. Pam throws it away, saying, "You really think I'm gonna have a 14-pound baby?" You really think you're going to get a loft in New York, Pam, like the one your computer screen is showing?

Andy knocks on Darryl's office door to check on how things are going. Darryl's more concerned about when he got so fat than doing anything with the stack of applications on his desk. He further shares that instead of going out celebrating with the guys last night, he stayed home and ate tacos in his basement. Now his basement smells like tacos. This is seriously like a five-minute soliloquy on Darryl's taco-smelling basement. Andy tries to jumpstart the process by picking an application and waving it in Darryl's unresponsive face until he finally grabs it. Andy acts happy at this sign of life, but back in his office, he THs, "That is not Darryl. I don't know where Darryl is. I suspect, probably, our Darryl is inside of Fat Darryl." Snerk.

Down in the warehouse, Jim says their first order is for 300 boxes. He figures that's 75 boxes a piece, but Dwight boasts, "300 for me, zero for you chumps! Deal with it!" "Nice," Jim says, and then Dwight gets on the forklift and crashes it into the wall. When the forks get stuck in the sheet metal, he hops out, grabs a box, and says, "Yep," avoiding the others' eyes.

Andy and Darryl are standing at the front of a conference room full of warehouse applicants. Andy's shooting for levity but ends up shooting himself in the foot, introducing Darryl as "my other brother Darryl." Andy asks Darryl how this usually goes. "You mean what did we do the last time the warehouse crew won the lottery?" Darryl asks. This is rather interesting news to the applicants, and Andy tries to keep it on track while Darryl digresses about the guys' plans for the money, which include a fat camp, a strip club on a boat and Hide's "energy drink for Asian homosexuals." Andy asks the applicants for the room so he can try to talk Darryl into being less of a downer, "because the more I talk, the more they're gonna realize I don't know what I'm talking about." Darryl says he's in. Andy believes him, but only because the alternative is unthinkable.

Dwight is trying to demonstrate the power of grunting while loading a truck one box at a time. When Erin tries it the box she threw just ends up under the truck. "I didn't feel anything," she says.

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