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The applicants are back, having shamelessly raided the kitchen. Andy turns it over to Darryl, who asks them why they want to work there. He's not satisfied with the "I need a job" answer, and tells them not to take the first job that comes along. "Because next thing you know, it's ten years later and you're still there. You could write your obituary tomorrow. It's not going to change." Andy, nervously, "Are we...scaring them straight?" Heh. Darryl hopes so, and with a final proclamation that "there's better lives than this one," he leaves Andy to it.

Darryl THs that he's never been lucky. Not jut the lottery. "Stuff like developing a soy allergy at 35. Who gets a soy allergy at 35? And why is soy in everything?" I thought he was going to bring up another obvious example of his unluckiness, but apparently he's saving that one up.

Ryan goes up to Pam, who's filling in at Reception. "Right back where I like you," he tools. I don't even really like Pam any more and I still want her to punch him. When he asks her to make copies, she says no, and when he busts her buying lottery tickets, he wisely says, "Everyone wants to be rich, but nobody wants to work for it." Pam: "You came in at 10:30 today, right?" Yeah, Ryan's making his own damn copies.

Andy is floundering, asking the applicants if they have warehouse licenses or masters in warehouse sciences. One of them asks of this is a joke, but he insists it's real. "Painfully real, what is happening right now."

Kevin's trying to crawl with a box on his back, and Jim and Dwight are trying to think of a better method. "We should be able to find a more efficient way of moving boxes than Madge or Hide," Dwight sneers. He and Jim share a chuckle, then look at the cameras nervously and talk about how smart Madge and Hide actually are. Suddenly people are worried about being discreet in front of the cameras at this late date? Kevin brings up the idea of how his sisters used to grease him up to slide him across the kitchen floor, and won't drop it until Erin urgently grabs him by the arm and hisses at him to move on. "I like it, but they hate it, so drop it."

Andy is getting into the weeds with a discussion of bubble wrap, and the next thing you know, he finds Darryl in the break room, reading a novel. "Did you hire them?" Darryl asks. Andy says no, they left. "I got confused and frankly a little weird, and frankly the stuff that you said didn't help." Darryl tells Andy to fire him. Three times. Dead serious. Andy stands in shock, probably wondering who his new unwilling best friend would be if he did that.

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