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Andy gives Erin her Snoopy and Woodstock Valentine card, and it entails their usual awkward sweetness, or sweet awkwardness, as the case may be. "It's got pheromones in it," Andy flirts.

Jo brings everyone into the conference room, where copies of the Sabre handbook and her autobiography are waiting for everyone. She unveils a printer, and Michael keeps shoehorning the word "manage" into the discussion while Jim glares wearily at the camera. Michael explains his strategy in a TH: "Camel cigarettes did the same thing with Joe Camel by making him look like a penis. I can't even go near a cigarette now without thinking of a penis. And vice versa." This is actually surprisingly effective; Michael is doing an excellent job of making a penis out of himself.

Kelly reads Andy's Valentine, which is one of those big fancy ones with a lot of words. Now she thinks he loves her. And she's okay with that.

Pam and Jim have realized that under Sabre's sales incentive program, Jim could actually make more as a salesman than he's making as a manager. He THs that he won't miss it. "I think I'm definitely in it for the money," he says. "And, quite honestly, the women."

Jim enters Michael's office to tell him that he deserves the management position. Unaccustomed as he his to winning anything but the most pyrrhic of victories, this puts Michael in a state of euphoria. But then, in the break room, when he tells Oscar that Jim's returning to sales, Oscar replies he was thinking of making that move himself. "Why, is there an untapped gay market?" Michael asks. Oscar tells Michael about the bigger money available in sales, with no cap on commissions. Which he learned from the manual. "Manuel who?" Michael demands. After returning to his office and actually looking at the Sabre handbook, Michael THs that he has been hustled. He storms into the conference room where Jim is already meeting with Jo. Michael messes up Jim's hair and says he wants the sales position. Jo, deferring to Michael's experience in both fields, names Jim the new manager. Jim's hair suddenly fixes itself as they both congratulate him. "Have fun signing my commission checks, Boss," Michael adds. Now, that's not a good way to start off a relationship with a new supervisor.

Jim and Pam are in his new office, looking at where Michael marked his height on the window frame, showing his growth. Meanwhile, out in the bullpen, Dwight dials his phone. "Bobcat, this is Dragon. Listen, he's been promoted to sole manager. We have got to step this up. Meet me behind the Dumpster in 90 seconds."

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