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Michael's Birthday

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Michael's Birthday

Kevin's cell phone rings. Michael abandons Carol's kids and dramatically zooms all the way across the rink over to where Kevin is, while the other coworkers gather around more normally. After Kevin hangs up, he tells everyone, "It's negative." Everyone looks relieved except Michael, who rips off his paper bracelet, tells Kevin they'll beat it, and hugs him tight.

Later, Michael sits in the bleachers, having belatedly figured out that apparently "negative" means "good" in the medical community.

At a long table in the snack bar, Kevin and Michael sit together at the end and take turns opening their gifts. Kevin is thrilled about a cheesecake get-well card, and Michael loves his Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Baby Penguins hockey jersey. That is, until he sees that the back is emblazoned with FROM DWIGHT and the number 1. Pam gives Michael a gift "from everyone." You know those themed fragrance gift packages that come in a big display box and contain a bottle of cologne, and a bottle of aftershave that smells just like the cologne, and a bottle of God knows what else that also smells like the cologne because nobody ever actually opens those things, let alone uses them? Well, Pam and Jim got one for Michael. The fragrance is, by the way, evocatively named "Night Swept." Michael, touched, sincerely thanks everyone. You just know he's always wanted one of those.

Back out on the ice, Pam THs that Michael's birthday actually went pretty well. "It was a good day," she says shyly, over a little flashback of her and Jim shopping together. Seriously, they went to the grocery store together and didn't want to kill each other before it was over? Does the woman need to be hit over the head or what?

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