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Jan squeals into the parking lot at the office, where Oscar is already waiting for her. She throws the car keys at him and takes off after Michael. Man, I know the guy's Latino, but everyone knows it's not a valet if he's not in a vest.

Jan finds Michael in his boxcar, despondently singing "Runaway Train." Hee. She asks where he's going, and he pouts that he's out of answers: "This is who I am now. A guy on a train with no answers. I hope that can be enough for you." Jan irritably tells him that he can't escape his problems or creditors, even if he tries to live off the grid, and that things aren't that bad. Michael insists that it is. Jan takes a deep breath and tells him that when her life in New York fell apart, her family stopped talking to her, and her friends had been waiting for her downfall. "That's really nice of you to say," says Michael sincerely. Hee. Jan gets to her actual point, which is that Michael didn't abandon her, so she's not going to abandon him. She jumps up into the boxcar next to him, asking where the train is taking them. Michael, choking up, says he thinks the engineer left. I can't guess where they're going, but I'll bet that it would take them a surprisingly short amount of time to get from where they are right now to just about anywhere in California.

Bullpen. Dwight comes back to his desk and calls a client, shoving Jim's desk mess away from Dwight's work surface as he does so. Aw, their anal-retentive little jackass is back! Jim and Pam must be so proud.

After commercials, Jan has apparently enticed Michael out of his boxcar. He tells her not to sell her implants (hee), and she tells him she won't, because she knows he likes them. She adds that they are kind of uncomfortable, but Michael says they look cute. And if she's ever back in the job market, they'll really only widen the range of jobs she can apply for.

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