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Schrute Farm. Dwight is sitting on one of the beds in the Irrigation Room, reading from such a comically gigantic hardcover book that it can only possibly be a Harry Potter. The camera pans over to Jim and Pam, in their pyjamas and curled up together as they smile beatifically at Dwight's energetic narration. And then to the foot of their bed, where Mose sits, in his Jurassic Park pyjamas, staring at Pam in a way that makes you think maybe Angela was right to end it with Dwight after all.

Call centre. Michael fishes for an invitation to eat some of Vikram's delicious Indian food.

Sometime later, Vikram has taken pity on Michael and dished him up some of his dinner, because it turns out that Michael is actually the Michael of the call centre. Vikram tells him that he was a surgeon "back home," in response to which Michael muses, "I wonder what I would have been back home." He makes some ignorantly disparaging remarks about how cheap medical school must be in India, and asserts that he would have surely been the Chief of Surgery there. "Or a cowboy." If Vikram explains to him why cowboys are not in high demand "back home," we don't see it.

Schrute Farm, after dark. We hear some loud, repetitive banging, and then see the light go on in the Irrigation Room. Inside, Pam ventures out with a flashlight, finally finding her way to a window, through which she sees Mose, parked on the seat in an outhouse; the sound is the door, banging against the side of the privy. Pam turns to the camera in shock: "What century is this?" The century where folk like Mose stay with you at (lower-case) home instead of being tied up indefinitely in a (capital-H) Home.

Call centre. Michael regales his co-workers with his take on the latest Die Hard movie. Soon enough, Nick appears, sarcastically upbraiding everyone for being so "captivated" by Michael that they're not on the phone. He says "captivated" so many times, he's like Bruce McCulloch in that Kids In The Hall skit where his foreman gives him hell for saying "ascertain" too much. Anyway, the bossman's appearance chases everyone back into their headsets.

Schrute Farm. Now there's a loud, otherworldly moaning, and Pam tells Jim, "Your turn." Jim follows the sound to a door marked "Private Room," on which he knocks. Dwight calls out, "Come in -- did you have another nightmare?" Jim opens the door to see Dwight, still fully dressed, sitting on his bed, cradling Angela's cherub figurine. Dwight says he thought it was Mose, who's had nightmares "ever since the storm." He asks whether everything's satisfactory with his stay, and Jim says it is; he just thought he heard crying or moaning. Dwight says that he'll look into it in the morning, and Jim says goodnight and heads out again. As soon as he has clicked the door closed behind him, the keening begins anew. This is why the smart traveller always packs a white noise machine.

After commercials, the shift is over at the call centre. Some of Michael's co-workers invite him out for a beer, but he begs off because of work, and comes up to his car, which Jan has parked across several spaces; she tells him he has to drive, because she's had too much wine. She also didn't go to yoga, in which case there's really no excuse for that outfit.

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