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Michael and Meredith finally emerge from his office, and he helps her into her coat and promises to be right down. After she heads out, Michael asks Toby for the number of the rehab center. Michael takes it and then bounces the pen off Toby's forehead. Why? Because it's there.

In the car, Meredith points out that Michael just missed the bar she thought they were going to for a drink. She rattles off a few options, but Michael's got something else in mind.

Toby's on the phone with his little girl Sasha about Princess Unicorn, and she's deafeningly thrilled at the very mention of it. "My ex-wife is going to be so pissed," Toby THs happily. Well, no, because when Toby heads out to the bullpen to buy one from Dwight, he learns that Darryl just bought the last one. Toby abjectly begs Darryl for the doll, until Darryl agrees to let Toby have it -- for $400. Toby is pathetically, tearfully, huggingly grateful, until Darryl hands it over and Toby realizes he's holding a black Princess Unicorn. "Something wrong with the doll?" Darryl asks. Toby assures him that it's even better than the one he wanted.

Michael drives Meredith to the rehab center and ends up physically pulling her from the car, chasing her around the parking lot, and literally dragging her into the building, kicking and screaming. "I have a deposit?" he pants to the receptionist.

Phyllis tells Angela to put the Christmas tree back up, and is told it's outside. "I didn't ask you where it was, I told you where it needs to be," Phyllis snaps. And that's it for Angela. She tells Phyllis to shut up, and calls her bluff, saying she knows Phyllis will never give her away and lose her control over the party planning committee. Phyllis appears to fold, but on her way out to get the tree herself, she turns and announces, "Angela's having sex with Dwight!" Everyone is shocked. "Don't look so surprised," Dwight tells everyone smugly. Oh, and I should mention that Andy is nowhere in sight. Probably because neither is the sitar.

Jim and Pam have a joint TH in which Pam claims to have known it all along. Jim has his doubts, but Pam has decided what she wants for Christmas: the point. So Jim gives it to her. "She knew it," he agrees.

Michael has learned that you can't just check someone into rehab, but he's not giving up on Meredith. "I need to find a way to push Meredith to the bottom," he says. "I think I can do it. I did it with Jan."

Andy returns to the party with the sitar, and sits down to accompany himself on it while cheesily singing "Deck the Halls" to Angela and a very quiet staff. "The Little Drummer Boy" would have been better. He finishes up, and Angela, looking around at everyone with full eyes, quietly asks Andy to take her home. "Tough room," Andy says cluelessly as he gets up, completely oblivious to why everyone's looking at him like that. "Come on, I just learned it." Let's hope for his sake that he learns something else, and soon.

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