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Everyone in the bullpen can hear David Wallace in the conference room, yelling at a freshly shorn Andy for lying to him about being in the office when he was off sailing for three months. Not to mention the even more egregious lie represented by that terrible wig they stuck on Ed Helms last week. Andy actually has the nerve to yell back at Wallace, accusing him of lying as well. But then he admits it's been tough. "Erin just dumped me, and I can't remember any of the 'A-ha' moments I had on the boat and I know it sounds weird to say, but I really miss my beard." Wallace calms down and says he's not going to fire Andy, who is the reason Wallace owns the company. Like that's such a big favor. "We are even now, understand?" He adds that Andy's on thin ice. "Vanilla," Andy says, clarifying, "Vanilla Ice. He was a band." And the ice gets even thinner.

New, expanded, full-length credits, because we're into this show for a full hour tonight. Even Old Salty's back to get knocked off Andy's desk again.

Andy shows up in the morning and tries to offer Erin his usual cheerful if dorky greeting, which he can't get through before locking himself - weeping -- in his office with the blinds closed. That goes to a crying-head in which Andy takes a moment to compose himself and explains, "Last week, Erin told me that our relationship will be proceeding without me." And it's been hard seeing her in the office every day. It also appears to be hard for the employees, who have to listen to his keening even through his closed office door. As Pete shows up for the day, he and Erin make a big show of not talking to each other. Erin THs that they've been keeping their new relationship quiet out of consideration for Andy's feelings. And also because it's hotter that way. "I mean I saw Pete's butt," she says, so we know she hasn't gone completely wanton.

Pam's THs about how she's got an interview at a real estate company in Philly today, which explains the power suit, as well as the resume she pulls quickly off the network printer. It fills nearly a quarter of the page.

Dwight's on the phone to Mose, apparently trying to talk him through the care and feeding of some difficult piece of livestock, specifically their aunt. Cut to him ambushing Angela in the break room, jumping out from behind a vending machine. He tells her he needs her help with cleaning up his terminally ill Aunt Shirley. Angela seems sympathetic and then suspicious when Dwight admits that the nurse they hired for her got "poisoned" and quit. He's calling in the favor Angela owes him, saying there's parts of Aunt Shirley he doesn't even recognize, like "a prehensile wing or something... there's a divot where it was, and it needs a..." Angela would rather leave and get this over with than have to listen to any more.

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