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Andy asks Pam where she's going. "Not on a three-month boat trip," Pam answers, which is a pretty good answer. But when Dwight and Angela follow her out, Dwight's "How dare you?" is pretty good, too. Andy's left standing there staring awkwardly at Erin.

Who shortly thereafter comes into his office to deliver his messages, though he invites her to keep them, as well as a sweater he gave her. He says he doesn't want to talk about work, but she says that's all she wants to talk about, so when he asks for his sweater back, she says she gave it to the Salvation Army. And leaves the messages on his desk.

Andy stomps into the annex to vent to Pete (whom he's still calling "Plop") and Clark (whom he's carpet-bombing with nicknames) about the sweater and the whole situation. Pete's remark about women moving on faster doesn't help, and neither does Clark's statement about how Andy has his freedom back, because Andy admits that last night he ordered a pizza "and I ate it over the sink like a rat." A response to Clark's offer of a high-five is not forthcoming, but Andy seems to have gotten what he needed. The moment he leaves the room, Clark tells Pete, "I'll give you a hundred dollars to wear that sweater to work tomorrow." Knew it.

Angela and Dwight walk into a suspiciously neat and bright house, where Aunt Shirley appears to be a foul-tempered pile of laundry and flesh melting into the sofa. In fact, when she stands up, the long-unemployed pixellators get to warm up their long-inactive pixellating fingers. They offer her some new clothes and a bath and she offers Angela a slap across the face, and Dwight offers Aunt Shirley a liter of Schnapps. That seems to allow the three of them to come to an understanding.

Andy THs about how Erin doesn't seem sad. She was, dude... you just weren't here for it. While we watch her and Pete happily texting each other, Andy suspecting-heads that maybe she's already found someone and hasn't told him in order to spare his feelings. "During breakups, the mind goes to some crazy dark places," he admits. Indeed, as Erin leaves Reception -- leaving her phone behind for some reason -- Andy snatches it right up, ignoring everyone's advice to stop snooping. And he also ignores their "I told you so"s when he suddenly drops the phone like it's a bucket of Aunt Shirley.

He heads right to the annex and orders, "Darryl Clark Kevin Tony Plop, take a knee." Only he does, though. He says he looked into Erin's phone and found out she's been texting Pete. "Does anybody know a Pete?" Pete THs, "It just occurred to me that Andy has been calling me Plop for so long that he forgot my real name. Which is Pete." Andy's hunt for further clues leads him to a lunch bag in the fridge labeled "Pete." Who, in the annex, slowly ducks behind his computer monitor.

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