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The possible new boss shows Pam where her new desk would be, complete with alleged comedic digressions and remarks about pregnancy, which is apparently something of an epidemic among the women who have sat here. He adds that he wants a woman in that seat, because that's what he as to look at all day. Pam thought she was interview for office manager and he hastily says yes, but the duties he's describing are those of a receptionist, although he's willing to call her an office manager, "because it's less demeaning." He asks how long the cameras will be following her, which he thinks is "pretty cool," Curb Your Enthusiasm-style. Okay writers, I get it. I was wrong about Andy being the new Michael. This guy is the new Michael. Andy is worse. You win. Pam THs that she was a receptionist to Michael Scott for ten years. "And I have kids now. And I just, I can't."

Dwight sees Angela grooming his aunt in the house, taking charge and clearly impressing him.

Toby bursts into the kitchen and announces to Nellie (while Darryl's also sitting there) that he's going to go to the prison to talk to the Strangler this afternoon. "Probably best to use his real name, rather than Strangler," Nellie advises, but Darryl points out, "George Howard Scubb? It's a devil name." They seem somewhat impressed that Toby's actually doing it, though. I'll believe it when I see it.

Sitting on Jim's futon in jeans and a sweatshirt and watching his TiVo, Pam gets a call from him. She starts to tell the story about her interview, but he blows her off and tells her to come in for dinner with him at eight, four hours hence.

A cute blonde in a suit shows up at Reception, saying she's here to meet with Andy. Erin leads her right back to the annex, where she and Pete get a load of each other. Yep, it's Alice, the very ex-girlfriend Pete told Andy about earlier. "That's so random!" Erin marvels. "Is it?" Pete says, a step ahead. Well... ahead of Erin, at least. Erin realizes that Andy also hired a management consultant today. "Oh no," she gasps. And director Jon Favreau gets to show his action chops a bit as the camera follows her, rushing in panic through the kitchen and back to the bullpen. "Look who's back! The birdman!" Creed says happily, pointing to... Gabe. "Didn't you two used to do it?" Kevin asks. Erin shoots a dirty look at Andy through the window of his office and he in turn gives the camera an infuriating, "Who me?" reaction.

Toby presents himself at the gate of the prison and while we see him wait and get admitted and wanded, he tells us that he plans to tell George Howard Scubb that he believes he's innocent. He claims not to expect anything, but wouldn't be surprised if he got a hug or even, to paraphrase Bogart, "The shtart of my firsht friendship."

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