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In the annex, Alice and Clark are getting acquainted (awkwardly, especially for Pete) when Andy comes in. Alice wants to talk strategy, but Andy talks faux-sympathetically about how awkward this is. "This is a really uncomfortable situation that you've contrived," Pete agrees. Andy throws Pete's earlier words about moving on back at him. "How does that medicine taste? Your own-flavored? Is it just me or have these tables turned?" He exits and Alice says, "So there's no marketing department?" Not so much, no.

Gabe sits at the Reception coach (with an ottoman as his new desk, complete with nameplate), catching her up on his life and claiming to have lost fifty pounds and packed it all back on. He's also heard about Erin and Andy's breakup. "You must be pretty horny," he says understandingly.

After some quick footage of a gurney being wheeled into the prison and wheeled back out with Toby on it, we're in Nellie's car as she drives him home with a fresh neck brace on, chirping that at least he no longer has to doubt that he convicted the wrong guy. And it'll be two weeks before Toby's vocal chords will heal, which he can only communicate by nodding. Now that he's been effectively shut up, Nellie admits that it was pretty brave of him.

Angela is serving Dwight and his now-presentable Aunt Shirley a full roast-skunk dinner with all the trimmings. Dwight gratefully offers Angela the stink-sack. Aunt Shirley teasingly asks when the wedding is and Angela unconvincingly says they're just friends. 'That's what Mose said about his lady scarecrow and look what he did to that poor thing," Shirley says. I'd rather not, thanks.

Pam shows up at the Athlead office after dark, to find Jim there alone with a white-tablecloth dinner and champagne all set up for the two of them. And Chinese takeout, but still. Pam says she didn't get the job. He's sympathetic, but not worried about it, handing over her drink. "It's from the part of France that immediately gave up to the Nazis," he cracks, allowing the writers to sneak in one last Michael Scott-quality joke. He sits down and asks her to tell him all about it.

Angela and Dwight step out on the porch to pleasantly say goodnight to each other and end up making out. Again. But Angela soon pulls away, citing the senator. Dwight says she should leave him; he probably won't notice she's gone. "Be with me, Monkey," he urges. Angela says she can't be his monkey, and Dwight says he isn't talking about warehouse trysts any more. "The eighty or ninety years I have left in this life, I want to spend with you." Angela says she made a vow and Dwight gets that. "It's what I'd want if you were mine." She leaves him standing there with a heartfelt, "Gooodnight, D."

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