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The Boss's Wife
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Dwight has converted to a standing desk, and is lording it over everyone, of course. He says they all look like they're in a suicide cult. "No, no, no, you're way off on that one," Creed says authoritatively. Noticing that despite all his boasting Dwight's back and feet are beginning to show signs of strain, Jim decides to make a big deal out of how Dwight has proven he's better than all of them, and will never go back to sitting. After Dwight gets busted by Darryl in the break room trying to steal some butt time, Jim returns to find him back at his standing desk, humming comfortably. Must have something to do with the pole coming out of Dwight's pant leg, bearing all his weight. Jim pretends to lamely prank Dwight by grabbing the cash out of Dwight's pocket and throwing it on the floor, calling, "Prank!" and then daring Dwight to bend over and pick it up. Dwight won't admit he's sitting, so Jim gets in close and whispers, "You know I have to do this." "I know," Dwight whispers fatalistically, just before Jim sends him toppling sideways to the floor.

Jim is standing over Andy while he's floridly signing papers in his office when Robert bangs on the office window in a completely unfamiliar state: panic. Without even bothering to come in, Robert freaks, "In four seconds my wife is going to be coming through that door. I told her she could work here. Under NO circumstances can that be allowed to happen!" Then we overhear him greeting her as she enters and disingenuously asking how she missed the elevator. Jim tells a confused Andy, "He wasn't talking to me, but if I were you, I wouldn't hire his wife." Can we just skip to the part where Andy hires Robert's wife because we all know it's going to happen?

Ryan is bragging about how his "Dream for a Wish" foundation will destroy the competition when Robert clears his throat in front of the bullpen and introduces "Mrs. Robert California," played by Maura Tierney, who's dressed in the exact same colors Robert is wearing. She says to call her Susan, and Robert introduces her to Andy and asks him to show her around. "Find a place where she'll shine," he smarms. Andy warns that they're fully staffed, but Robert, with a wink, says to look for a fit first. Andy figures he'd better go through the motions.

Dwight enters Darryl's office to let him know he's opened "Dwight Schrute's Gym for Muscles" right there in the building. "Your path from obesity begins right here." Darryl THs about how he's been wanting to live long enough to see a black president. "I didn't realize how easy that would be." So now he says he wants to see all other kinds of presidents. What he doesn't say is what the montage shows, which is him holding things in front of his middle whenever he talks to Val. Dwight THs about how "obese people" are a drain on building resources, "but a gym turns fat into cash."

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