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The elevator doors open to reveal Andy, casually standing against the back wall wearing his earbuds and fiddling with his iPod. The song, which we can hear, is "Nobody But Me" by the Human Beinz, which you know even if you don't recognize the title or the band. Andy suddenly starts lip-syncing as he bounds out of the elevator, the shades inside the office window flip to reveal the handwritten words "LIP DUB," and Andy pulls the door open. There's Pam, bopping along backwards as we follow her into the office. Kelly and Oscar and Kevin jump out from behind her, Erin's dancing on roller skates, Jim's participating by holding a sign that says "Boogaloo," and it just keeps going. Andy does a confetti-tossing cartwheel, Oscar wheels Erin backwards past Stanley, who is holding the kitchen door open and warning, "You're falling behind." Kelly vamps in the kitchen, then opens a door to reveal Ryan wearing a "Wuphf" t-shirt, which is clearly not part of the plan. Every time you think you can't hate Ryan more, he takes it to the next level by spelling the name of his idiot social networking thingy like that. On past Gabe, doing a dorky kneecap dance, and an obviously confused Creed, and into the break room, where Kevin is wearing Meredith as a backpack. Back to Creed, who has gotten with the program and is miming the guitar solo on his Strat while taking on his Bluetooth; past Kelly and Ryan arguing; Stanley warning, "still behind;" Angela closing Darryl's office door ("I didn't want to be on the internet!" she bitches); past Phyllis dancing exuberantly; and into Michael's office, where he is of course wearing a tuxedo and an ill-fitting top hat while doing cheesy magic tricks. Back out to the bullpen, which erupts in thrown streamers while Dwight simply erupts, getting into the moment by leaping on a desk and threatening everyone with a hunting knife. Everyone dances while the song fades out, with Michael jockeying with Dwight and Andy for front-and-center position, and finally Andy asks, "Toby, how'd we do?" "Well, that was better," Toby says uncertainly from behind the camera, shrugging almost audibly. Everyone cheers. Because in case you've forgotten, it's all about the small victories here in Scranton.

Cool, an almost totally new credit sequence!

Michael talking-heads about the end of his great summer, which included losing a lot of weight due to West Nile Virus, getting an infected foot wound, and seeing Inception ("or at least I dreamt I did...").

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