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In the conference room with Michael and Pam, Dwight is suggesting ways to celebrate Michael's 15-year anniversary with the company, beginning with a 15-minute round of applause and a 15-minute "moment" of silence. Michael likes it, but Jim has his doubts. "Is it classy enough?" he wonders. Oh, and Jim is looking super-classy, in a tuxedo and his hair in Big Haircut mode. Apparently he's been pushing the "classy" angle all day, at least judging by Dwight's impatience with the word. "You're just agreeing with him because he's wearing a tux," Dwight protests to Michael. Oh, and lest you get any ideas, the tux isn't to mock Michael's 15th anniversary: it's to mock Dwight's recent memo about the dress code. We don't get to see the memo, but I'm sure it strongly encourages heavy reliance on puke-tones. Back in the meeting, Michael keeps shooting down every idea Dwight has, until Jim rephrases one and he loves it. Dwight gets up and storms out, which the others agree is not classy. "Déclassé," Jim adds. Can't get more classy than bringing the French.

Idris Elba, whom viewers of The Wire will recognize as Stringer Bell, presents himself at reception and tells Pam he's Charles Minor, and he's there to see Michael. Pam pages Michael and unwisely puts him on speaker so the guest can hear him say, "Minor? I hardly know her!" After waiting for a laugh that never comes, Michael comes out to greet Charles almost literally like royalty, demanding a round of applause from the troops in the bullpen. Michael wants everyone in the break room for a surprise, and as Dwight escorts Charles back there, Jim tells Michael he wishes he knew the new boss was coming in today, so he could have brought a change of clothes. And maybe the eggbeater he usually combs his hair with. Michael not getting Jim's embarrassment, then goes and herds everyone from the break room -- where Dwight is boring everyone with a history of Scranton -- into the conference room for the real surprise: a spread of bagels cut into Cs, in honor of Charles. "Took me all night," he boasts.

Michael THs that he met Charles at Corporate last week, and they had an instant connection. Indeed, there's a little silent footage of Charles being introduced to Michael and shaking hands with him like a normal person, which to Michael probably feels like an instant bond. Plus, as Michael adds, the last people in that job were Jan, "My lover," and Ryan, "My best friend." So he's looking forward to the relationship with his new boss. I'm sure it will combine the best of the previous two.

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