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The Long Goodbye
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Erin is very excited that Andy's returning from a month-long Outward Bound retreat today. It was David Wallace's idea to help make Andy more decisive, and Erin proudly says that both Andy and Wallace's son "grew up big time."

Dwight updates us on his own summer; he invented a blue "power drink" made of beet runoff, but "got some disappointing medical news." We flash back to a short time after last season's finale ended, when the doctor at the DNA lab told Dwight and Angela that he wasn't the father of Angela's baby, whereupon Dwight immediately vomited neon blue all over Angela. Yes, this is what it's come to: puke jokes

Kevin apparently spent his summer trying to patch up the shell of a turtle he ran over in the parking lot, unaware that he'd killed it outright on impact. Jim brags about the mural Pam painted in the kids' room, and Pam raises that by talking about a sports marketing startup Jim's friend is launching, using an idea Jim came up with in college. Except they couldn't move to Philly for whatever reason, so Jim's basically reduced to hoping for a new car out of the deal. Toby reports that Kelly's fiancé got a job at Miami University. We see Kelly happily throwing her no-longer-wanted wanted winter coats and blankets at everyone in flashback, while Toby explains that this is Miami University in Ohio, about three seconds of latitude south of Scranton. Toby adds that Ryan moved to Ohio shortly thereafter. Ryan inflicts on is a spiel about the next Silicon Valley, even though he's apparently living at a bus shelter. Have fun on The Mindy Project, you two. Or at least more fun than you'd have here.

Jim and Pam wrap up their talking-head shot, and we hear them talking to someone behind the camera, who explains to them that this isn't so much about the paper company any more, but "following you guys to see how you turn out." Pretty much the only thing left to look forward to is finding out what is up with these goddamn documentarians already, but for now we just hear a voice. Not one I recognize, either, and I'm usually pretty good at that. Pam scoffs that it doesn't look like anything else interesting is going to happen to her and Jim for some time. Jim follows her out, looking like he's just now getting that memo, and it came wrapped around a brick that hit him in the head.

Erin's still staring out the window like a faithful dog, looking forward to Andy's return. Are they seriously not going to see each other until he comes into work? Aren't they still dating?

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