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There are two new cast members this year, a couple of guys in their twenties who now share the annex with Toby. Stanley says they're like the new Jim and Dwight, which, since one of them is played by Clark Duke and the other is handsome in the most unthreatening possible way, doesn't seem so far off. Except to Jim and Dwight, of course. "Hey, New Jim, come sit on my face," Meredith invites one of them, who politely declines corrects that his name is actually Pete. Jim protests in a TH that the only thing he has in common with Pete is that neither of them wants to sit on Meredith's face, which makes everyone New Jim.

Andy returns and gets a hug from Erin before launching into a ramble alluding to his three-day solo on the mountain changing him. He's also wearing a plaid shirt and knit tie, like the dress code has been changed to business lumberjack. Nellie invites him to tell them all about it, and he asks, "What are you still doing here?" "Wonderful, thanks," she smiles awkwardly. Andy says he dreamed that she died, and says he wants to see her in his office later. Spotting the new guys, Andy dubs them "Plop" and "Fart," for obvious reasons, until he learns about the Dwight, Jr. thing. He makes Clark and Pete stand together and says they look like father and son. Dwight, Sr. is only too cool with this. "Maybe someday they'll hire someone who looks like a younger version of him," he THs. "And then I'll have a grandson.

Later, Angela is telling Kevin and Oscar how she needs to give up her denim-pants-wearing cat Comstock, playing them a video of him and everything set to "Eternal Flame." Of course her actual target is Oscar, after Kevin's debacle with the turtle, but Oscar says he's a dog person. Angela suggests he pray himself into becoming a cat person. "Those guys always turn back, Angela," Oscar warns.

Andy's in his office gushing about Outward Bound to Wallace on the speakerphone, until he abruptly hangs up when Toby comes in. Andy wants Nellie gone, but Toby's not going to make that easy. "Now I know why Michael hated you so much," Andy tells him. And I'm starting to remember hating Michael. This is not a good direction.

Dwight creepily tries to act fatherly to Dwight, Jr. in the break room, completely weirding him out. When he asks about farming, Dwight, Jr. thinks he's talking some kind of gay code, but assures Dwight that he's more into the ladies. Then Dwight, Jr. offers to make some of Dwight's sales calls, but Dwight gets angrily protective of his sales leads. In a TH, Dwight says he's not familiar with the word paranoid. "And I really don't have time to learn new words right now, okay? A pudgy 22-year-old is trying to take my job!"

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