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Ryan's Prerogative

Michael comes into the office, a black cloud of misery because he got gum in his hair. Seems he was digging under Stanley's car for something shiny -- anyway, the details don't matter. All you need to know is that the teaser ends with Dwight giving Michael a full peanut-butter shampoo.

On a different day, Michael comes in while not in a much better mood. He's been getting plenty of dates lately, but they're not exactly up to scratch on the looks front. Yeah, somebody's been spoiled.

Angela and Oscar are both pissed off, which isn't news, except this time they're pissed off about the same thing. Specifically, Ryan's making the Scranton people come in on a Saturday to enter sales into the Dunder Mifflin Infinity website. "Which they should have done in the first place, if the website had been working," Ryan says. Somehow he's still surprised when he enters the Scranton branch and isn't exactly welcomed as a conquering hero. Later, in the kitchen, Jim wants to talk to Ryan about the website not taking the place of customer service. Ryan calls Jim on having brought that same thing up to David Wallace at the Christmas party. "Watch your back, Jim," he quips. He says he's kidding, but he's kidding on the square.

In the conference room, Michael stands in front of the staff and gives Ryan a very protective introduction. But it's not enough to keep people from piling on with their complaints about the website, including the fact that its social networking feature was, in Ryan's words, "infiltrated by sexual predators." How bad could the website be? Well, the only one who doesn't hate it is Creed. The prosecution rests. Michael attempts to come to Ryan's rescue with an Adama slow-clap, but there's not a "So say we all" to be heard.

After the meeting, Michael hugs Ryan goodbye and says he needs a girlfriend so bad. Ryan says he can't help, but Michael should see the girls he meets in the clubs. You'd think Ryan would live to regret saying that. But we'll see.

Later, Michael's getting his desperation all over Jim in his office. He even invites Jim to come with him to New York to troll for babes, and when Jim reminds Michael about Pam, Michael's like, "That's still going on?" Making him the only person on earth who doesn't care about those two. So Michael hits the bullpen to draft his backup, Dwight. Andy invites himself along, saying "the old ball and chain has been more chain than ball." "I'm right here," Angela reminds him from behind the usual barricade of pregnancy-hiding furniture. Michael and Dwight cut Andy off at the knees and head out. Once they're gone, Jim suddenly realizes that if everyone stays late tonight, they won't have to come in tomorrow, and self-congratulating-heads, "This is a group that respects good ideas. The one time a year they hear one." Oh, Jim. Smug goeth before a fall.

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