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Office Olympics

At the condo, it's time for Michael to sign some papers. Dwight wants to know what kind of mortgage Michael has, which leads to some confusion about exactly how many years it's going to take him to pay this place off. The answer is thirty years, but Michael was thinking it was ten. That makes this moment pretty sobering for him. Unaware that he's actually upsetting Michael, since Michael almost never pays attention to him, Dwight hassles Michael about how long it will take him to get out of debt. Dwight supposes that if Michael never meets anyone, his nurse can live in the other bedroom. The agent prods Michael to get moving on the paperwork. "Hey look, cool, carpenter ants!" Dwight suddenly says happily. What's a new home, after all, without an infestation? Michael needs a breather. Dwight THs that Michael is "buying a coffin," and if he were doing that, he'd get one with thicker walls.

Back at the office, Jim has the pleasant task of introducing his co-workers to "the national sport of Icelandic paper companies." He "can't remember" the name, and he looks to Pam. "Jim," she says seriously, "they refer to it as...flonkerton. In English, 'box of paper snowshoe racing.'" In a TH, Pam explains that what's great about Jim is the way he has of getting wonderfully excited about doing something fun and cool and then doing an absolutely great job with it. The problem, of course, is that "he works here, so...that hardly ever happens." Did you feel that extra thump in your heart? Jim needs someone to take on Kevin in flonkerton. From the doorway, Phyllis volunteers. It's an interesting contrast between how Michael rejected and mocked her for wanting to play basketball, but Jim welcomes her to the first heat of flonkerton. This sport, as you can imagine from the English translation, involves standing on boxes of paper, having them bound to your feet, and shuffling along as fast as you can. Not a sport for the weak of legs. "You just put your foot right here," Jim tells Phyllis. "Right through the flonk." I actually find myself thinking...flonkerton would be really hard, wouldn't it?

At the condo, Michael complains about the ceilings. He's now convinced that things have changed from the unit he saw last week. He's not even sure this is the same one. He doesn't see the hot people he was promised, and as he THs, he's heard that it's not good to be the best-looking person in a development. The agent asks whether it's a financial issue, because he could always rent out the third bedroom. He says no -- he wants the price dropped, or he's not buying. The agent explains that he's too far along in the process, and backing out would mean losing $7000. Michael blanches.

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