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Fight and Flight

Erin beats Clark in their round, and gets all up in his face making pig noises until Pete tells her to relax. Phyllis chokes in her round against Dwight (whom Angela cheers on), so Dwight goes to the semifinals as well. He's still celebrating when Esther shows up out of nowhere, saying she plucked the chickens extra-fast to get here. "There might just be a little bit of feather in your nuggets or just a little bit of meat inside of your pillow." Dwight says he likes a little feather in his nugget, souring Angela's mood in a hurry. Nellie comes out to announce the semifinalists: Angela, Dwight, Erin, and "God only knows how but Toby."

The director is explaining to Andy how after simulating acid spilling in his eyes, he'll step over to the eyewash station and let water go all over his eyeballs. And we learned earlier how Andy feels about eyes, so it's not exactly a shock when he demurs, "I'm not comfortable doing my own stunts." He goes over to fret about it to Darryl, and when another PA shows how the eyewash station works, Andy takes one look at the water streams and hollers for Carla.

Toby and Angela are up for the semifinals. Angela makes a strong throw, and Toby just crushes his plane and drops it on the ground. Seeing Dwight's reaction, Esther asks him, "Is there a reason that we're excited for that little woman?" Dwight cheerfully whispers that he pities her. "She was recently in a situation where she could have had it all, and instead she lost everything." Esther figures she's a gambler, and Dwight doesn't exactly go out of her way to straighten her out.

Carla has Andy's cheeks pinched in her meathooks as the angrily threatens to blackball him with every production company in northeastern Pennsylvania if he doesn't stick his eyes in the water. "You won't even make an appearance on a security camera!" Andy collapses in tears, and as the production guys complain to each other in the background about their crying actor, Darryl comes up and tells Andy exactly what he needs to hear. Which is that of course Andy can't do this, "but you know who can?" Darryl checks the nametag clipped to Andy's lab coat costume and answers himself, "Older Male Lab Assistant Number One." Andy realizes Darryl believes in him. "I believe...I want to go home," Darryl says.

As the semifinals commence, Dwight gets some great distance, but Erin steps up and her plane...falls short. She takes it pretty hard, cursing and then trying to pretend to Pete that she isn't mad and then apologizing for being mad and kicking over a box of packing peanuts and almost falling over. A little physical comedy for the people.

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