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Kissing Coworkers
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Darryl is sadly gazing out his office window, because his almost-97-year-old grandmother just died. The good news is that Pam has brought him a card signed by the whole office. Darryl opens it, and from the celebratory messages written inside, it's clear that they thought it was his birthday. Either that, or they really hated Darryl's grandmother. Dwight and Andy come rushing in all party-mode, and Andy makes with the birthday punches. "I'm so sorry," Pam whispers, as Darryl looks at us with tears in his eyes. Wow, that's rough.

After the ads, Andy is telling Darryl about his Valentine's Day dinner plans (with "Rachel from the party") when Michael and Holly come out of his office and kiss like five times in front of everyone (who can't seem to do anything else while this is going on, because nobody can ever tune anything out in this office) before separating. And they don't even separate; he just drags her back into his office anyway. His talking-head about how he and Holly are dating is quietly joyful, and he says you get everything you want in life. "You can't work for it, it just comes to you." Well, it helps if you only have a half-dozen or so episodes left. Things tend to fall into place then.

Gabe visits Erin and the roses from her "secret admirer" (even Erin knows that's Gabe) at Reception. He boasting-heads, "I dominate Valentine's Day. I practically make romance into a science." Erin reads the card: "Roses are red, violets are blue, look in the vase to find your first clue." Erin dumps out the vase, which holds not water but the disassembled pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Gabe has to explain to her that that's her clue. He may have set the degree of difficulty a leeettle too high for his audience.

Oscar is in Michael's office while Michael is ostensibly looking at a report but actually having hand-sex with Holly. Michael complains that all of Oscar's noisy throat-clearing is grossing him out. Yeah, Oscar.

Jim and Pam get dropped off by a cab outside, and are clearly tipsy from their Valentine's Day lunch that included "bottomless champagne." "Never found that bottom, did we?" Pam remarks. Well, it's still early.

Erin gets Andy to agree to help with the jigsaw puzzle. Andy doesn't want to intrude, but Erin figures it's cool now that they both have other dates. Andy's all over this. The puzzle, that is.

Dwight mocks Jim for sounding a little unclear on the phone, and then Jim hands him a little grade-school valentine that the just wrote Dwight's name on. "I will not be your valentine," Dwight scowls. Jim: "Aw, nuts." Not exactly on his A-game right now.

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