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Kissing Coworkers

Just about everyone is having lunch in the break room. With uncharacteristic sensitivity, Angela brings up the whole PDA thing that's going on between Michael and Holly. Oscar and Darryl agree, although everyone's careful to qualify it by talking about how happy they are for the reunited couple, as if to say otherwise would be anything short of heresy (which, okay). Kevin's the only one who enjoys watching them, and when everyone assumes he's going to say something gross, he asks to be allowed to finish. The only reason is because "it makes me horny." Good, I thought that was going to be gross.

While Erin and Andy finish up the jigsaw puzzle, he tells her about his date Rachel, the only other white person at a party of Darryl's cousin's. If we weren't suddenly so short on time this season, that probably would have been a whole episode, but I'm okay with the fact that it wasn't. The puzzle turns out to be a picture of Gabe's boom box with a word balloon reading "Find Me." Andy wishes Erin luck, but she drafts him into coming with her. Not that he's too upset about it.

In the annex, Gabe is complaining to Oscar about all the kissing he keeps hearing from Holly's desk. Lest we think he's exaggerating, right then is when Holly returns to her desk, where Michael gives her a "back rub" -- under her shirt, and possibly under her skirt as well. Holly gushes in a TH about how sexy Michael is, while we see him performing such attractive feats as bending way over, trying to toss food in his mouth and missing, and sitting in the chair outside his office, orange-lipped and deep in a cheesy-poof coma.

Gabe is holding a meeting about PDA, which is a little awkward because Michael is sitting in a chair in the middle of the front row. So is Holly. The same chair, that is. Michael's more or less in her lap. Gabe says office romances are cool with Sabre, like, if they weren't, most episodes of this show would be a lot shorter. Speaking of which, it's pointed out that both Erin and Andy are missing. "I get it, Andy's slamming my girlfriend, very funny," Gabe plays along, in his usual mode of either being way inside the line or way over it. Gabe points out that couples in the office should act like Jim and Pam, who never hug, kiss, or touch. Hey, yeah! Meanwhile, a long pause penetrates the sensory haze of Michael and Holly's canoodling, and they belatedly realize that this meeting might just be about them. "Might want to find your own chair," Gabe agrees.

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