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Phyllis's Wedding

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Phyllis's Wedding

Jim seems to be having computer problems. After the Windows chime sounds, he offers Dwight an Altoid®. What's that about? Well, Jim THs about Pavlov's dog, and explains that he's been performing a similar experiment. Every time Jim's computer dings, he gives Dwight an Altoid®. For two weeks. And then one day, he doesn't, instead sitting there blank-faced and apparently confused about why Dwight is absent-mindedly holding his hand out for a mint. Dwight can't explain it himself. "My mouth tastes so bad all of a sudden," he grimaces. I'd say the experiment is a success!

It's Phyllis's wedding day, and on the front steps of the church, Michael's horning in on the photos of the wedding party. The photographer's used to dealing with guys like him, though, and finesses him out smoothly. If only temporarily. It turns out that Michael believes he actually is in the wedding party, since Phyllis has asked him to push her father's wheelchair down the aisle. "I am co-giving away the bride," he claims. "It's a big day for Phyllis, but it's an even bigger day for me. Employer of the bride!"

Phyllis gives a mock-regretful TH about putting Michael in her wedding, and how she got six weeks for her honeymoon in return. Worth it? We shall see.

And Pam notes that Phyllis used the same invitations as the ones Pam used for her and Roy's wedding. "So it was kind of like being invited to my own wedding," Pam cracks. She has no idea.

As everyone arrives at the church, Stanley and Teri find out that Jim and Karen also got Phyllis and Bob a toaster. Although I suspect that Stanley's toaster is the same one he planned to give Pam and Roy last June. Dwight, in his tux (the one his grandfather was buried in, with the vest that stops short of his pants so he looks like he's in the first stage of Hulking out of it), greets Angela in her Jackie Kennedy ensemble, and they split off unconvincingly. And then Dwight THs about how the Schrutes get married standing in their own graves. "It makes the funerals romantic. But the weddings are a bleak affair." How could marrying a Schrute not be?

While Pam is signing the guest book, Karen notices the flower wreath with the initials "P&R," which Jim figures stands for Phyllis and Robert. "Also? Pam and Roy!" Pam THs hotly.

Michael enters the room where Phyllis is getting made all fancy, and starts out by offering to talk about "tonight" and what he imagines are her concerns about pleasing Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration. And then he accuses her of farting. And then he tries to "fix" her hair, putting his hands all over it and everything. It may be bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, but it's obviously even worse luck for Michael Scott to do so.

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