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Michael drags his employees into the conference room for a meeting as he THs that he's a role model, and that the role models he looks up to are Bob Hope, Abraham Lincoln, Bono, and God. It's a great mix of ones that are absurd but patently sincere (Bob Hope and Bono) and ones that make more substantive sense but are obviously being mentioned only because they are the people he feels he should mention (Abraham Lincoln and God). "It's really beyond words" how much they all helped others, he says. And then he says, "It's really incalcacalclble [sic]." Don't point that vocabulary at people if you haven't been properly trained.

In the meeting, Michael starts to give some information about the downsizing, but Dwight says that as assistant regional manager, he should know first. "Assistant to the regional manager," Michael corrects, as they undertake the most ageless conflict since Yankees-Red Sox. They tussle, with Dwight wanting some recognition in this meeting of his special status and Michael not wanting to give it to him and Dwight taking it anyway, by loudly declaring that Michael has his permission to tell the group whatever it is. Michael announces that corporate is giving him an "ultimatum" and is considering downsizing. Out at his desk, and not remotely at the meeting, Ryan is on the phone, most likely with his agency, talking about the possibility that the branch will be dissolved. Even the temp knows! Everyone presses for information about the downsizing, and Michael tries to cue Pam to help him reassure everyone, but Pam isn't on script, and she just flat-out tells everyone it might be Scranton that's downsized. Michael feels betrayed, you can tell, but he tries to rally, insisting that he can protect the "family" from harm. He has literally found the one thing that will reassure no one. Telling them he had no information: neutral. Telling them Jan was protecting them: reassuring. Telling them he was going to take charge of their protection: scary. Oh, and Michael throws the words "my chillun" around, thus offering his first-ever racist remark to Stanley. Memories really do light the corners of my mind, you guys.

In a TH, Jim despairs at what would become of all his useless paper knowledge if he left Dunder-Mifflin. Among the other useless knowledge he would no longer need? Pam's favorite yogurt flavor, "which is mixed berry." She laughs in a TH of her own that he's right about that. Such a lovely detail, with its implication of giggly break times fueled by delicious yogurt and Dwight stories.

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