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Dwight sits down at his desk, only to find a meatball already in his chair. That's bush-league crap from Jim, but from across the bullpen, Stanley seems to think it's hilarious. Jim explains to us that it's always more fun to mess with Dwight when he has an audience, and with Pam on maternity leave, Stanley has unwittingly stepped in. However, he seems to have some very specific tastes. For instance, Jim's replacement of Dwight's entire desk with a Lego version of it and Dwight himself with a bespectacled, puke-tone-clad dog doesn't seem to get much of a reaction from Stanley at all. In fact nothing does, except meatball-themed pranks. In fact, when Dwight opens his drawers to find them full of meatballs and his stapler entombed in one. Stanley loses his shit. There's something symbolic about this shout-out to the pilot, in which Dwight's stapler was magically suspended inside a light, translucent confection of Jell-O, as opposed to today, when it's trapped inside a sclerotic bolus of dense, heavy, fatty, dead flesh. Can't quite put my finger on it. Anyway, the joke's on Jim, because apparently Stanley and Dwight are in league. "We will never have to buy meatballs again," they tell us in the parking lot, happily holding up overstuffed freezer bags of the things.

At Reception, Erin fields a call from Andy's new girlfriend Jessica, like she doesn't have his direct line. After we see Erin do a TH about how she's moving on with her life by learning Italian (actually just eating Italian), she patches Jessica through to Andy. Who, in turn, THs that his parents loved Jessica. In fact, they gave him a family ring for her, although first they took out the main stone for his little brother. Andy seems to get that it might be a little premature, but as he points out, "I haven't proposed to anyone in years."

Robert's at Pam's vacant desk (Kathy the temp switched clumps after all, to Andy's old desk next to Stanley and Phyllis), looking at photos of his big house, which ten years ago was going to be his own personal Playboy mansion, but he's planning to sell off now that his wife -- whose existence made it impossible to live the Eyes Wide Shut life he imagined there -- has left him. "The one percent are suffering too, people," he laments. Jim makes the mistake of chuckling at Robert's complaint that his "speakeasy lounge" is listed as a "rumpus room," and Robert pins him to the wall like a butterfly for laughing at his pain. Really, Jim? You couldn't have come up with a simple, "Heh, rumpus."? After Andy comes out to diagnose Robert's case of the grumpies, Kevin suggests Robert throw a literal last hurrah at the mansion, namely a party at Robert's indoor pool. Robert seems up for it, and he heads out, telling everyone to wear a swimsuit tonight. Do none of these people ever have plans for after work? After he leaves, his mood already improving, Meredith offers Erin a ride, since they live so close together, which Meredith knows because of how Andy followed Erin home after the Christmas party. Erin is surprised to hear it, and not just because Meredith even remembers anything at all that night. "He wanted to make sure California didn't put it in you," Meredith crasses. Erin looks through Andy's window with a new take, and then squeeing-heads about what stalker Andy is. Seriously, there's literally a squee in there.

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