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Something in the Water

After the ads, Dwight has been fished out and revived. "Erin, did we win?" he gasps. She lies that they did, but he knows it and tries to roll right back in for a rematch. Meanwhile, Kelly and Phyllis are trying to give the ring a Viking funeral in the pool on a paper boat.

Dwight talks to Andy aside about Erin, expressing his new appreciation for her after formerly thinking she was just "a second Meredith." Which is an opinion that could only be held by somebody who doesn't know the first one. Dwight wants to make sure Andy's done with Erin, so as to avoid a repeat of the whole Angela thing (not to mention Andy and Dwight's weird competition when Erin first arrived, which actually neither of them does) and Andy insists that he's well and truly with Jessica. "And you won't mind if tonight I just go crazy on her, go nuts?" Dwight says. Andy is almost completely cool with it, but then adds that they can take it slow if they'd rather. At that, Dwight gets in one of his rare flashes of insightful genius: "You're an idiot."

There's a pool-noodle fight going on when Darryl finally gets the nerve to de-shirt and cannonball in. Val looks pleased to see it. Remember the frisson we used to get from the tiniest Jim and Pam moments? Yeah, I don't know why I thought of that just now either.

Andy's moping alone by the edge of the water when suddenly Erin surfaces right in front of him, holding aloft the ring she found on the bottom of the pool like a tiny round Excalibur with the stone missing. Andy is clearly stunned by the spectacle, least of all because of the ring, but he quickly recovers. "How did you know it was mine?" Andy asks. "The Bernard family seal, duh," Erin answers. Andy just looks at Erin they way she looked at him at the beginning of the episode. It probably doesn't hurt that she's half-naked and wet, of course. Erin THs that this wasn't exactly what she was hoping for, but at least Andy's confused and she can work with that. "I totally get confused."

The tour of dudes has finally returned to the pool room. Robert and the guys drink a toast to madness. Then Jim goes over to Meredith to quietly ask her to move her van from behind his car, but she left her keys on a bowl. Rookie move, Jim, parking in the driveway. A true party-ditcher parks by the curb, preferably pointing toward home, ideally on the on-ramp. Ryan and Gabe, who are again trying to out-brownnose each other all night like they did at Andy's garden party, both promise to stay as late as Robert wants. A drunken Toby pours wine down an even more drunken Oscar's throat, and as he looks around, Robert realizes that one of those parties he always wanted has been happening all along, even if it is just with this bunch of dorks. And so he downs the rest of his wine, and then his pants, and jumps naked into the pool. And with that, I've finally figured out Robert California: he uses big words and long sentences, and talks in a slow, portentous voice that demands attention, but he's every bit the idiot the rest of these people are.

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