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Product Recall

Andy follows his "girlfriend" down the hall, with Jim following Andy and saying that they have to get going. But Andy calls out, "Jamie?" I was half-expecting her not to know who he is, but she actually recognizes him. All she has to say to him is "This is weird. I gotta go to Spanish." Really not seeing how Andy mistook her for someone of legal age, unless they only spoke on the phone. "Oh my God!" Andy says to Jim when she's gone. "Oh my God!" Jim agrees.

In Accounting, Kevin and Oscar are doing a fairly good job of connecting with their callers, but Angela is being rude and hanging up on people. Kelly encouragingly says that Angela's doing great, but might want to work know, the apologizing.

Creed comes over to Dwight to tell on soon-to-be-ex-floor manager Debbie Brown.

Barbara Allen has arrived. In front of the press conference -- which is, in its entirety, Dwight and the dude from Scranton Times -- Michael apologizes to her and gives her a giant novelty check for six months of free paper or twenty-five reams, whichever comes first. So it's really more of a novelty coupon. Michael thinks they can moved on, but the client is still pissed. Michael is confused; this wasn't in the script.

Jim and Andy wait outside the principal's office. Andy is distracted from the task at hand, wondering who Jamie was talking to. Jim answers, "Not important. Because you're not dating her. Because it's a felony."

Inside the office, the principal tells Jim and Andy that they teach the students that character counts. Andy disagrees: "One of your students is a bitch," he says, and considers taking out a full-page ad in the yearbook with two words. "Good luck," Jim interrupts. Which Jim will also need, to get his partner out of the building without an arrest.

Kelly tries to coach Angela through a call, which -- since it ends with Angela saying "You can take that apology or not" -- ends in another hang-up. "I think he had Tourette's or something!" Angela tells Kelly.

In the press conference, Barbara Allen is still pissed about the watermark, and isn't mollified when Dwight points out that at least the cartoon-animal sex appeared consensual. Barbara wants Michael to resign, thinking he's the head of the company and thus ultimately responsible. And I would be interested to see how this affects Corporate or the other branches, although not enough to cut any of the scenes that made it into the episode. Michael refuses to quit, and he and Barbara start yelling at each other while the Scranton Times guy writes furiously. Finally, Barbara storms out, threatening to call the Better Business Bureau, with Michael threatening in return to call the Ungrateful Beeyotch Hotline. "Did you get all that?" he asks the reporter, who is obviously looking forward to writing not only the human interest story about this scene, but also the obituary that is likely to follow it as a result.

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