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Candid Cameras

Ryan Howard -- the real one, not the fictional one -- steps off the elevator at Athlead and greets Jim, Darryl and the camera with the Subway slogan, "Eat fresh," so clearly he's not averse to sponsorship. This should go smoothly.

Dwight comes into the kitchen looking for a snack for Esther before she arrives, which allows Angela to make some more horse jokes. Erin comes in, telling Dwight he has guests. "I think they're from the forest where we harvest our paper?" Angela follows Dwight out gleefully. At least until she gets a load of the whole Bruger family, which continues to be made up mostly of hot daughters. They have Clark's attention, for sure, and Angela's having a hard time continuing to TH about Esther's unattractiveness with any degree of conviction.

In the kitchen, Pam remarks to Stanley about how much some of them have changed since that promo footage was shot. "We've all changed," Stanley says, looking exactly the same as nine years ago as he takes a bite out of a giant pretzel.

Jim and Darryl's meeting with Ryan Howard is taking a bizarre turn, as he talks about wanting to be an actor (hence the whole "eat fresh" thing) and busts out three bound copies of his half-superhero, half autobiographical screenplay. Seems he wants to do a table read on the spot.

Andy's running a "media training" for everyone when Oscar excitedly comes in and announces that there's a Danish version of the promo online now. They all go watch that one, made up of different clips with a voice-over that sounds like the Swedish chef. Seriously, The Office writers, have you really not noticed that trailers don't have voice-over narration anymore? Y'all used to be so good at knowing when things were over. I know because you'd then have Michael do them. Anyway, Oscar uses his phone to translate some of the narration that describes Kevin as "Dumpster Man" and Angela as "Three PM Girl." She doesn't know what that means, until it gets up to a clip of her and Dwight exiting their warehouse hideaway while getting dressed again. Obviously she's shocked that a moment like that ended up on camera, and everybody else realizes that filming was going on even when they didn't know. They all look at each other in horror, and then at the camera shooting them right now. O hai, idiots.

After the ads, they're all discussing the realization that half the show looks like it's secret footage. Meredith says she's a very private person just before flashing her pixelated tits. Oscar snaps at Erin because he's as freaked out as anyone, if not more so. As he THs, "I have been very honest with you guys in a way that could seriously impact the political career of a very good friend of mine. You're not going to use any of that, are you?" Andy is still excited about more positive Internet comments, but the others decide to take "a little walk."

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