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With the building's custodian on vacation for the month and the building's landlord (Dwight) too cheap to hire a temp, the office has descended into squalor. So it's Pam to the rescue with the "chore wheel," which can be turned to assign jobs to individuals. But since it doesn't spin freely, Pam has to come back with a new version that does. That seems a lot more fun until everyone realizes that even spinning ends with work. "I don't think you understand wheels," says a disappointed Kevin. Eventually Pam comes up with a brighter, more colorful wheel with prizes and penalties, but no actual chores. The employees love this version. However, the "Tiny Wheel" that serves as one of the prizes does have chores, and after "winning" a spin of it, Meredith happily goes to complete her randomly assigned task of cleaning the toilets, while the camera zooms in on a rat exploring the garbage-strewn bullpen. Which is symbolic somehow.

Jim and Pam are off to Roy's wedding. "I think the only weird thing about going to your wife's ex-fiancé's wedding on a weekday at eight AM is that it's your wife's ex-fiancé," Jim says. But that's what you have to do when you want to shoehorn a wedding into the beginning of an episode that takes place in the office during a workday, I suppose.

Erin gives a letter to the new customer service guy, Pete. Clark's also customer service, but Erin's alternating between them. And Clark's being kind of weird and awkwardly chatty with her anyway.

Nellie is distributing flyers for her new charity initiative. She THs that Andy's shot down all her other ideas, but with this one being about charity, "I'd like to see him piss on that one." I'm sure she will.

At the wedding, which appears to be happening in a backyard, Roy happily greets his old boss Darryl, who's there with Val. Phyllis and Bob are also in attendance, but almost everybody else appears to be at work, where they're supposed to be. Jim and Pam arrive out front, and are surprised to see how nice Roy's house is. It does look like a smaller version of David Wallace's. They're greeted by a waiter carrying a tray loaded with mimosas and awkwardness, and when Jim ignores a call on his cell phone, Pam asks who it is. "My ex-fiancée," Jim prevaricates. Then he privately THs about his new business, although Pam doesn't know. "Actually, I did tell Pam, and we decided no. But then I decided yes anyway! So, I'm thinking there's another conversation coming, and it's hard to know when that will be." Well, Jim, I would suggest looking in your calendar and penciling it in for your next available immediately.

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