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Back at the office, Jim tries to amuse Pam with a story about his brothers that she already knew. Overhearing, Angela brags about how she's always waiting to see what her husband is going to surprise her with next, causing Oscar to choke on his coffee. It's probably not the first time the senator has made him gag.

Nellie decides to call Dwight's bluff by getting him to agree to live according to the laws of the Taliban while in the office. Dwight readily agrees, signing her pledge and everything. He figures she has no plan, since her pledge is printed in a ridiculous font. "When you use a ridiculous font, no one thinks you have a plan," Nellie THs. Her first (and only, it will turn out) move is to steal Dwight's pen and then dare him to cut off her hand as a thief. She gives him a meat cleaver and everything. Dwight advises her to spend a last few quality moments with her hand, which she agrees to do, telling him that after she makes three calls, "You can become a person who chops off people's hands." And to think they came so close to sleeping together.

After finding out about Clark's plans for Erin, Andy storms into the annex for a "little chat" with him. Pete looks on in anticipation of a righteous smackdown, until Andy asks Clark what clothes she needs. Clark lists off some perv-wear, and Andy obliviously hands him a credit card to go pick it all up. Pete watches helplessly as Clark heads out.

In the kitchen, this nonsense with Jim and Pam has devolved into "The Oldywed Game," with Toby and Kevin and Phyllis having joined Angela and Oscar as the audience-slash-Bob Eubanks. Of course Jim knows all about Pam, and it gets a little awkward when Toby does too. Jim gets up to answer a cell phone call from the business partner Pam still doesn't know he has. "It's not even real yet!" he THs defensively. "And I'm not gonna tell her until it's real." In the meantime, Pam's getting pretty suspicious anyway.

At Andy's instruction, Darryl announces an "optional" meeting to discuss Erin's confidence (read: body). Darryl explains that he's Andy's new Assistant Regional Manager. Andy sold the idea to Darryl as being a "consigliere," figuring Darryl was into The Godfather because he's black. "Wrong! I'm into The Godfather because I'm a cinephile. I like Scarface because I'm black." The Office, now with jokes you could have written yourself! In the meeting, Andy stands in front of the room with Erin telling them about how she needs confidence about her body for her upcoming "news" audition. Jim and Oscar begin wondering what Erin's looks have to do with this. "I will do whatever it takes to get the job." Erin says. "Whatever it takes," Clark whispers excitedly to Pete.

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