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Pam and Jim are in Jerry's office, and although they want to talk logistics, Jerry is taking every opportunity to remind them they're not in yet. "Is this because Jim walked in on you going to the bathroom?" Pam asks. Jerry looks at Jim disgustedly. "Seriously, you told her?" He wonders why they think that has anything to do with anything, and after listening to Pam say they're nice people, he actually asks them, "Did you ever wonder that you might not be as charming as you think you are?" Yeah, that's starting to become a growing consensus. "

Michael is out back with Wallace in his hot tub, and Wallace has absolutely no ideas for how Michael should deal with his problem. Which is not to say he has no ideas at all. In fact, he pitches Michael a concept for a vacuum cleaner that picks up kids' toys.

Andy goes up to Erin at Reception and asks if she has any plans for the weekend. He tries to hint her into asking him out, but she doesn't pick it up. "That's as hard as I can hint!" Andy THs frustratedly.

After they get out of the hot tub, Wallace asks Michael to join him for "Suck-It." Which sounds terrifying, and is only slightly less so when Wallace explains that that's the name for his toy-vacuum idea. Michael? Cannot get out of there fast enough.

He returns to the office with five gallons of orange juice for a toast. He's also retrieved his Sabre drink bottle, with a visible dent on the bottom. I wonder if the thing will even stand up any more After a little TH where he expresses his doubts about people who say getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to them (because look at what David Wallace has become), Michael says he wants to propose a toast. He makes a few abortive attempts, none of which the staff accepts as a toast. "Just because you have liquid doesn't make it a toast," Kevin protests. Finally Michael manages, "To us and to Sabre." Everyone drinks. Were you wondering how orange juice would taste in an aluminum vessel? Everyone's faces tell the story. "That is metallicky," Michael pronounces. "Like drinking a battery." Fortunately he's not astute enough to read too much significance into expecting a sweet moment and winding up with a mouthful of bitterness.

The tag is Wallace and kid in their living room. With Teddy on drums, Wallace plays keyboard and raps a jingle for his toy-vac. "Suck It! Suck It! Pull out the nozzle and Suck It!" Teddy brings it home with a smoking drum fill. Not the valedictory we expected for David Wallace, which is what makes it perfect.

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