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Mr. Scott, What'cha Gonna Do?

"Scott's Tot's' [sic] may have been started impulsively, but Scott doesn't regret it. "Just seeing the sunshine spurting out of those kids' and parents' faces," he said, "is enough for me to keep the program going for years. I bet if colleges saw that, they'd let them in for free. Hmm, maybe I should make some phone calls."

There's also a photo of a younger Michael surrounded by a small group of happy young "urban" faces. I bet they partied like it was 1999. Stanley continues cackling.

Back in the break room, Pam asks Michael why he made such a promise. He tries to cancel, but Erin points out they've already rescheduled seven times. Pam's opinion of this situation uses the word "terrible" four times, and she says it'll get worse the longer he puts it off. Michael THs about the promise he made ten years ago to pay college tuition for the kids if they graduated from high school, and shows off some homemade thank-you cards they sent him. "I've made some empty promises in my life, but hands-down that was the most generous," he says. In the break room, Michael asks Pam to lie to him and say it'll be all right, but she refuses. In fact she might be about to hit him again. Michael still wants her to come along instead of Erin, who he suddenly hates this week for no reason. Pam refuses. Michael doesn't hate Pam right now, also for no reason.

Dwight boisterously greets Jim in the break room and compliments him on his beard potential and laugh. Jim, openly creeped out, starts to leave, but Dwight warns him that everyone will be sucking up to him over the Employee of the Month program. He gives Jim a scoring spreadsheet he's put together, with employees listed by number instead of name so it can be anonymous and impartial, and offers to have Toby and Accounting fill stuff in. But Jim says he'll do it himself. Just as Dwight's evil smirk tells us he planned. Oh, Jim. well, at least he didn't agree to Dwight's suggestion to include a cash prize, other than saying it would be nice in an ideal world.

Erin and Michael are walking down the hallway of the school, Erin pulling Michael's giant rolling suitcase-trunk, when they are greeted by a young woman in a Scott's Tots t-shirt, who Michael remembers well. After they pass a plaque on the wall marking a door as "The Michael Gary Scott Reading Room," she leads him on to a classroom, and when they enter, it's full of clapping and cheering students and parents, who start chanting, "Mister Scott! Mister Scott!" Michael walks in like it's his execution. At least he has his trunk, which I think is the same one he brought on his speaking tour. Which is good, because he might need that chainsaw pretty soon.

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