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A silver sports car screeches into the parking lot with the personalized plate NEW MGR, and out steps Creed, smarming about how it's a beautiful morning at "Great Bratton" and tossing the keys to an imaginary valet. There's a little montage of Creed as manager, where he asks Jordan to find out what language the gibberish he's speaking is, runs empty meetings, and writes nonsense on a whiteboard in the bullpen. Pam, in a TH: "We need a new manager."

Truncated credits, in which Creed adjusts a ceramic sumo wrestler figurine on the manager's desk, where Dwight had a little shogun before and where Deangelo had a little southwestern figurine before that and whatever came before that is lost in the mists of prehistory.

Looks like the search his in full swing. Jordan is taking photos of candidates next to Reception, Creed is leading some kind of hippie groove-in in his office, and the search committee (Jim, Toby, and Gabe) are interviewing Will Arnett. Like Dunder Mifflin is going to hire a guy in a $7,000 suit, COME ON! (I'm going to try not to keep doing that). Will Arnett is claiming to have a three-step plan to double their profits, but isn't about to share it for free, unless he gets the job, although they negotiate him into giving up part of one part: "Color-code SUD documents TM." They don't look entirely impressed, which leads into Jim's TH about how they're the search committee. "Not everyone we meet will be good, but someone's bound to be, right? And to be honest, I think a lot of the decent candidates are right here in-house." Looks like Andy, Kelly, and Darryl have their power suits on, for example.

Darryl THs his advantages: an existing relationship with Jo, management experience, friendship with Jim, "and it doesn't hurt that I'm...BLAAACK."

Andy is campaigning like it's for class president, hanging posters and wearing an "ANDY FOR MANAGER" pin. He downplays it to Erin, saying the Bernards tend to go for things, "And in defeat, we show grace." Erin's totally in his corner, though. Andy THs about how you don't get things for yourself in his family, the housekeeper gets it. "So I guess you could say this job is on my list and we'll see what Rosa comes back with." Andy leaves the room, and Erin turns to Phyllis, who's been overhearing, asking if there's any word. Erin's quite excited. And then there's a TH in which Phyllis reminds us that she gave away a child around the time and place that Erin was "borned." Erin's more excited about it than Phyllis, who points out that Porky's also came out that year. Erin shrugs, "I'm sure I was just another Porky's baby, but why not find out?"

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