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Darryl's on the Microsoft hotline, asking where Clippy is to help him write his resume. I can't believe Darryl got through to a human. He deserves the job for that alone.

Creed's on the phone with a client, saying they're going out of business. "How is this on me?" Pam THs. Because she's the only one overhearing it, is how, and it's not like she has anything else going on. She tells Creed to hang up and gives him two identical photographs that Corporate supposedly needs to find seven differences in. Creed is ON IT.

Kelly is talking about how much she's learned managing her department, which admittedly is just her. "But I'm not easy to manage," she points out. Gabe wants to move on, and Kelly takes exception to not being treated like a "serious candidate." Jim and Toby leave Gabe hanging until he gives in and asks her weaknesses. "I don't have any, asshole," Kelly snaps, giving everybody's dream answer to that question. Just then in charges Dwight, shorn and dressed up and demanding an interview.

Down in the parking lot, Dwight tries a little small talk with Jim before cutting to the chase, which is that even though Jo blocked Dwight from the job for life, "The hand that reaches from the grave to grip your throat is the strong hand you want on the wheel." Dwight tries to bribe Jim with late arrivals, free coffee, unlimited sex breaks with Pam, and "Erin will eat garbage for your entertainment." Although tempted, Jim points out that he can't recommend Dwight after Jo took the job away from him. "You'll regret this," Dwight warns. Jim's cool with that, and even lets Dwight open the door for him.

In the break room, Oscar tells Pam that Robert, The Senator, Angela's new fiancé, is gay. Pam's skeptical, and asks if Oscar saw him at a bathhouse. A what? "The windowless building by the Baskin Robbins," Pam says. That's clearly news to Oscar, but Pam was only fishing anyway.

In the annex, Pam is huddling next to Oscar, who's calling his friend at the Scranton Blade. Ryan wanders by, and apparently he's known the Senator is gay all along: "He liked my Facebook photos at three o'clock in the morning."

The search committee has none other than David Brent on Skype. "Occupation, inspirer. Status, none of your business." He gives a whole arrogant speech ending with "When do I start?" How did he get an interview in the first place?

Phyllis is giving Erin romantic advice, telling a story about how she laid in wait in Bob's office every day wearing nothing bit cat ears, until he showed up in a dog nose and they did "bestiality." Phyllis offers some motherly advice: "If you want someone, if you really want them, go get them." Erin THs, "I do really want him."

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