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Darryl hands his resume to Jim and asks about the "other" candidate. "Deshawn Williams?" Jim guesses, and then proceeds to mess with Darryl: "He invented an app that invents apps. Fantastic kisser--" When Darryl asks him to be serious, Jim assures him that Darryl's interview isn't as important as the others'. Good thing, too.

A British woman (Catherine Tate, as it turns out) is talking about how she'd take down the cubicle walls, eliminate titles, and when Jim questions that, she flips it on its head, talking about firing someone every month and getting a little hostile into the bargain. She's already lost them when she starts going on at length about the "Zen office" concept that she's clearly making up on the spot.

In the kitchen, Jim messes with Oscar, Meredith, and Stanley by saying he's just going to randomly pick someone at the end of the day. Stanley, unamused, says he worked for his last boss for fifteen years, and won't last another fifteen years at his current dietary and sexual lifestyle. "Oh, no, Stanley, you'll live forever," Ryan murmurs without moving his lips, less convincingly than if he'd said nothing at all. Stanley says his next boss will be his last, so he wants Jim to take it seriously. "You pick a crappy boss, you're responsible for my crappy life," Meredith adds on her way out. Jim says he's taking it seriously, and Oscar storms out after Stanley and Meredith anyway. Ryan offers some advice: "Take a day off from the whole Jim schtick. Try caring about something. You might like how it feels, James." Wow, getting advice on sincerity from Ry-Ry has to sting.

Jo shows up with bags and two entirely different dogs (or maybe not, I don't recap dogs) to hand off to Gabe. She sees Darryl's resume on top of the pile on Jim's desk, and remarks on the four-page length -- four pages. "Is this the same Darryl Philbin who's had two jobs in ten years at one company?" Darryl has stepped out of his office to try to save the situation, but she remains unimpressed with the jargon in the document and his claim of moving 2.5 billion units. Or, in other words, pieces of paper. Dwight jumps up to ask for a word. "Or what, you're gonna shoot me?" Jo cracks. Dwight laughs and asks for an interview. Jo obliges. Question one: "Ever shot a gun in the office?" Dwight says it's complicated. "Yeah, but see, it's not," Jo says. End of interview.

In the break room, Ryan, Kelly, Oscar, Phyllis, Pam, Kevin, and Meredith are debating telling Angela. Kevin is seeing this through his own perspective: "Maybe I can get a lesbian to marry me, huh? That's hot." The consensus us that she seems happy, so they won't tell her. This should end well.

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