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Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment video. It's a pitch-perfect simulation of such a video, circa 1987. Plenty of emphatic hand motions for phrases such as "crosses the line." In one scenario, a woman is asked if she's a natural redhead, and she adopts a hilarious look of shock and offense. Suddenly, Darryl demands that the tape be paused, and he jumps up in excitement and announces that he slept with that woman. The actress. In the video that looks about twenty years old. This thrills Michael, as you can imagine, because it's about sex, and it involves the warehouse guys, and it makes him feel included, and it makes him think that maybe he, too, could sleep with one of the women in a training video someday.

Jan strolls into the office, trailed by a dull-looking suited fellow. As she stands by reception, Michael emerges from the conference room, not seeing her, and announces that, as to the woman in the video, "Darryl banged her!" Jan stares. Michael senses that maybe what he has just done was not his best option.

Later, Pam hears the door open and looks up with a brief smile, thinking it might be her mom. It isn't. It's Todd Packer -- about as far from Pam's mom as you can get -- returning with Ryan. Packer tells Pam not to let "this little bitch" drive her around, because he gets lost. "I don't have any DUIs, so I can drive myself, but thanks," Pam replies, not looking at him. Hee. "Where's Michael Snot?" Packer asks. "Sniffin' some dude's thong?" He wanders off to look. It would be great if Michael actually were sniffing some dude's thong, because I think Packer might actually implode, and then he'd stop being.

In his office, Michael is speaking to Jan and the corporate lawyer she's toting, as Toby sits silently against the wall. Michael offers some lawyer jokes, and the lawyer says he loves those. "Well, that's probably because you don't get 'em," Michael says, bubbling with nervous hostility. In a TH, Michael says that it's not like he's responsible for the content of the forwards -- he's just forwarding! He points out that "you wouldn't arrest a guy who's just delivering drugs from one guy to another." Good point, sir! Say, are you free next week to drive a car back from Guadalajara? Back in the meeting, Michael complains about being the boss and being unable to "say anything." Jan points out that it's true that he can't say anything, in the sense that there are things he can't say. Michael says he can't understand where the line is, and Jan wants to know if he saw the video. He saw the video all right, but Toby busts him for talking through the whole thing. It is at this point that Jan looks up and sees the blow-up doll, which Michael has stashed on the top of a cabinet. I tend to think a naked blow-up doll would dominate a room enough that she wouldn't merely spot it out of the corner of her eye, but I'm willing to suspend my disbelief. I did it for Dwight asking Toby where the clitoris is.

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