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Jim tries to chase Bert off his computer and into the party, but Bert's about to use it play Starcraft with Dwight, so no joy. Inside the party, Angela tweaks Pam about how she's still so much smaller than Pam even when they're both pregnant, again. Pam looks like she's as bored with this schtick as I am. Oscar explains his costume: his nametag reads "Former Rep. Weiner" and a cell phone hanging in front of his crotch, which makes him an "Oscar Liar Weiner." At least Ryan (dressed as Jesse from Breaking Bad, according to the helpful TWoP Twitter feed) is as disgusted as I am. Remember when the bad jokes on this show were somehow still funny? Darryl compliments Erin on the party, and Andy agrees that she did a good job. "So we don't have to have that talk?" Erin chirps. Andy says they still should, and invites her to his office at 4:45. Uh-oh.

So Erin goes to the front of the room and turns on the DVD that must have been Gabe's contribution. It turns out to be some creepy black-and-white film that's little more than a series of disturbing images. Apparently it's part of what Gabe calls "cinema of the unsettling," an underground movement of which this is an example. And the auteur appears to be none other than Gabe, who, along with shots of bleeding birthday cakes, melting dolls, and a rat crawling across a photograph of a screaming woman, also got footage of Oscar's grandmother, and Stanley getting into his car, shot from Stanley's back seat. Everyone demands Erin turn it off. Andy apologizes to Robert, who doesn't seem offended at all, and Erin says she got confused, thinking the goal was to make the party more adult. So she busts out a game of "Pecker Poker," which causes the editors to bust out the pixilation for the third time this episode.

In Andy's office, Robert asks Erin why she didn't just ask Andy for clarification. "You two seem close." Reading the awkward silence that ensues. Robert decides to sit the rest of this out. But by just sitting, not actually leaving the room. Erin brings up the talk Andy wanted to have with her at the end of the day, and Andy realizes she must have been afraid he was going to fire her. Again he apologizes to Robert for making him uncomfortable. "I'm never uncomfortable," Robert says, entirely believably. Andy says it's about the fact that he's been dating someone, and acts like he thought Erin knew about it, when clearly Erin didn't. Andy's been asking his new girlfriend not to call or stop by because it might be weird, but now it's weirder to continue as an Andy's-Girlfriend-Free Zone. Erin asks they've been on two dates or three. "31," Andy says. Wow, and he didn't even invite her to his garden party. Erin manages to get out of there before breaking down, but it's a near thing. Robert, belatedly: "I should go."

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