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St. Patrick's Day

Michael enters Jo's office, wanting to chat. She talks about being on work time rather than chatting time, and when Michael says its chatting time according to the clock, she offers to let him head on home. Provided, of course that he feels good about the work he put in today. "That's super clear-ish," Michael mopes, and takes his coat off. Looks like everyone else is staying too. "Just because Jo has no life does not mean that the rest of us don't have lives," Kevin THs indignantly. Mostly on behalf of those of his coworkers who have lives.

Michael's on the phone to Todd Packer of all people, who's already gotten a head start at the bar, and complains about having to work late. Packer has a solution: "Hike up your skirt and pull out your tampon, borrow some balls, and COME MEET ME!" Michael says maybe next year, and Packer hangs up with a witty, "Maybe next queer!" Poor Michael, missing out on quality time with that guy.

Andy shows up at Erin's front door, and she's surprised to be receiving him in her jammie-jams. "That's okay. I'm in my worky-works," he says. She rallies and invites him in.

Meredith, Kevin, and Oscar get up to make a run for it, but when Jo comes out for a snack, they quickly abort. "Oh, you don't become the most powerful woman in Tallahassee by slacking off," she says. "You do it by working hard, or marrying rich. And I did both."

Dwight gets up to go to what he tells Jim is a "client meeting" at a bar. He offers to "swing by your house so your baby can experience a strong male presence." Nothing from Jim. Dwight walks into the conference room whistling "Cats in the Cradle." Tangent: you know, my whole problem with that song is how the last verse is about how "my boy was just like me." False! "Boy" has time for his kids. Now back to the weecap. Dwight's just about to tell Jo about the client meeting when her phone rings. It's Jim, calling from his desk to ask if it's okay to go to a meeting after five, even though they never do this. Jo gives the go-ahead. Jim thanks her and adds, "Seriously, we never, never do this." After he hangs up, Jo asks Dwight what he needs, and Dwight says he's going to reschedule the client meeting he did have set up for next week. Jim takes off, leaving Dwight behind. So there.

Several of the warehouse guys come up to "bust Darryl out," and crack on him a bit for having his shirt tucked in. Catching a look from Michael, Darryl sits back down, looking uncomfortable.

Andy and Erin are on the couch in front of the TV when suddenly a guy comes out into the living room. This is Erin's foster brother Reed, who steals Andy's seat next to Erin and teases her for having smelly feet. Andy learns that they were in the same house from 10-12 and 15-18. "Formative years," Andy remarks in a tone that clearly means, "So how much sex did you guys have, then?" Reed tells him, "Nice skirt." I think we have our answer. I also think the show might get some complaints from foster families. Not because they're offended by this subplot, but because it's not that funny.

The cleaning crew comes in to the bullpen, and turns right back around when they see the office still inhabited. Angela THs that she wants to get off work, not to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but to protest it. Gabe follows Jo all the way to the bathroom door, where Michael meets him and wonders how long they'll be there. Gabe says you never know. Michael asks why she just doesn't give out schedules. Gabe admits that would be nice but then jokes, "I'll date when I'm dead," a little manically. In an office TH, Michael worries about turning out like Gabe. "26, single, tied to my desk, no life, no family. I want to have been married by the time I would have turned thirty. That's just depressing." Yeah, good thing Michael dodged that bullet.

Michael goes into the conference room and says that it's 8:30 on St. Patrick's Day, so he's going to cut everyone loose for the night. Jo gives an inscrutable grunt, and Michael says he's happy with the work they've done. "All right, then," Jo finally says neutrally. Michael pauses at the door and says he's cancelling his trip to Tallahassee. "Although I do look forward to our professional relationship." She stops him at the door and says, "I look forward to that too." So it looks like they're cool. What fun is that?

Andy's about to leave Erin's house, and pauses in the doorway when he sees how hard it's raining. It almost looks like there's going to be a kiss goodnight, but then there's Reed lurking by the fridge in the background. Finally Erin kisses Andy on the cheek. "Oh, great, now I'm going to get sick," he jokes. Yeah, Andy, definitely take her somewhere out of the house next time.

Michael meets the crew at the bar, and they're already drunk enough to be happy to see him. Michael THs that he may or may not have screwed up his future with Jo. "If Jo wants me to put on a show for her and pretend to work late? I spent all day trying to make her like me, and I forgot to ask myself something: do I even like her?" Packer comes up behind Michael at the bar and pretends to sodomize him. "Best night ever!" Michael says. And then Meredith comes up behind Packer and pretends to sodomize him. And then...then... she doesn't really seem to be pretending. Oh, dear.

Dwight comes into work in the morning and stops dead. We hear Jim on a sales call, and then we see him -- behind his own megadesk, whose configuration is one desk stacked on top of the other two in a pyramid so that Jim has to work standing up. "This is not Megadesk!" Dwight says in confusion. "They call it quad-desk," Jim says. Dwight points out that it's three desks. Looking around, Jim realizes they'll have to rename it, then. Dwight's desk phone rings, in the tiny alcove formed between the two bottom desks where Jim has stuffed his phone, nameplate, computer, and a tiny little baby chair. Dwight crawls in and answers his phone. I guess Dwight's Microdesk! would be the fourth one.

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