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Like Fake Father, Like Fake Son

Dwight is still dissing Son to suck up to Stone when Stone reveals that Son is the one in charge now. Looks like they'll have to change direction again, which puts Clark in the lead seat. Neither Stone appears to have figured out the meaning of all these wild changes in pitch.

Darryl's interview wraps up, and the second take seems to have gone pretty well. Darryl confidently picks up an autographed basketball and says he'd fit like a Kevin Durant jump shot, "Perfecto." To begin with, that's a crappy analogy. And then it gets even worse when he shoots the ball at a hoop on the wall and misses, sending the ball careening at a wall sconce that drops sizzling into a tank below, shorting it out and electrocuting the fish inside. The humans in the room stare in openmouthed shock, Darryl chief among them.

Later, near Reception, Pam points out to Darryl that it's not his fault; she doesn't blame Cece for spilling milk that she, Pam, left on the edge of the table. "So I'm like a three-year-old girl in this scenario?" Darryl clarifies, not exactly cheered. Pam points out that Darryl currently has a job, with people who love him. Darryl allows that he's not sure he'd like Philadelphia anyway, only seeing his daughter on weekends and all. Pam eagerly agrees, arguing that Philly isn't so great. Jim comes in and announces, "The consensus was that that was unique, they're gonna make you pay for the fish, and they want to know when you can start." Darryl is all excited and hugs them both, as Pam guesses he has to move to Philly after all. In a TH, she lies that she's not upset, but excited for Darryl. "Maybe I'm a little disappointed that we'll be losing him." And I'm sure the documentarians are also disappointed that they won't have to pull teeth with her any more.

At the office, the entire Accounting department is sweaty, overheated, and borderline psychotic.

Clark is now running the sales call, which includes mocking Dwight's outfit. "Does that suit come with a fire extinguisher?" Son snarks. Clark asks Dwight to buy him a suit from the Stones so he can "get a real job and move my lazy ass out of your G.D. house." Cut to the other three standing outside a changing room, Son talking up the Italian silk. Dwight puts it down, until he gets a load of Clark actually wearing it. "I guess it does make sense buying from a father-son team," Dwight says, and adds that he'll take one too.

Oscar decides to harness all the excess energy in the office by having everyone try moving the copier into the annex. They drag it about a foot, and take a strip of carpet with it. Nellie is horrified at how much trouble this is going to get them into, but Oscar points out the lovely parquet hardwood beneath. "I always knew it was down there, I just never thought I would actually see it," he says dreamily. They decide on the spot to tear up all the carpet.

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