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Take Your Daughter To Work Day

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Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Later, he's trying to talk to Meredith at her desk. Normally, this would be very weird, because he's talking seriously about work stuff in a normal voice without any goofy digressions. But the moment is saved from the threat of productivity by Meredith's mean-faced kid Jake (ten or eleven, I'd guess), who stands there throwing gummy bears at Michael. Meredith THs that thanks to getting permission to bring her son to Take Your Daughter To Work Day, she doesn't have to pay for a sitter for her suspended-from-school kid. She's also in a good mood because the hair and makeup people appear to have temporarily dropped whatever vendetta they've had against Kate Flannery all this time.

While Angela and Kelly are setting up for a little reception in the conference room, Toby brings his little girl in so she can offer to help. Angela turns her down flat. "We'd have to explain everything," she says, almost apologetically. Toby wasn't expecting that (where does he work?) and takes Sasha to go draw instead. But where will he find her any paper? Kelly gushes about how cute the kid is, and how she can't wait to have babies of her own. Did I mention that Ryan is in the room too? And that his blood apparently just turned to Freon? He THs that he and Kelly agreed to just have fun. "And I'm learning that fun for Kelly is getting married and having babies. Immediately. With me." Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Okay, this is starting to freak me out: Michael is, once again, working. He's having an adult, businesslike conversation on the phone when Toby's daughter Sasha wanders in and stares at him over his desk. Michael stares back at her like she's a hooded cobra ready to strike. Is that reaction because he doesn't know how to deal with kids at all? Or is it because this particular one has Toby's genes?

At Reception, Pam offers to let Abby help her shred documents. Abby passes. We don't yet know that shredding documents is one of Kevin's favorite things, so she probably gets plenty of that at home. After a TH in which Pam expresses her desperation to get just one kid to like her, Jim asks Abby what she's reading. It's The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. And just like that, Jim has a new best friend. As Jim effortlessly recruits Abby to help him with some sales, Pam looks on with envy, and not a little admiration.

Michael wraps up his phone call so he can devote his full attention to being freaked out by Toby's daughter. She plays with some of his toys, and the ice is finally broken when she finds his train whistle and he makes her laugh. It's kind of sweet, because in another year she's going to be too old to find him funny at all.

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