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Take Your Daughter To Work Day

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Take Your Daughter To Work Day

As the "song" continues, and Michael's high harmonies pose no threat to those of Stephen Stills, we cut to the parking lot. Jim drives off toward his DATE, and Michael helps Toby put Sasha in her car seat. He gives her a sad farewell look, like he's not going to see her again until the next Take Your Daughter to Work Day (even that is optimistic, I'd say). And then the song ends, only to have Michael say, "One more time! Teach..."

In the tag, Dwight THs about the value of children to the Schrutes of yore, for their ability to work the fields and help produce the food. And also to be food if necessary. Then Dwight's deadpan fa&cced;ade cracks and he says that didn't happen. "It never came to that," he assures us.

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