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The Alliance

In better news, Jim hides his excitement when Dwight approaches him and darkly proposes that they "form an alliance." In light of the downsizing and everything. "Do you want to form an alliance with me?" Dwight asks. Jim looks around, entirely straight-faced as he absolutely must be, just to make sure that nobody is looking, and then he says, "Absolutely I do." In a TH, Jim tells us that he was "so happy," because the thing is, Dwight always annoys him. At this, we get a quick cut-in of the now-famous exchange in which Dwight innocently asks, "Did you get your tickets?" And when Jim doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, Dwight says, "To the gun show," pulls up his sleeve, and kisses his own bicep. It's one of those things it seems like they must have pulled it from something and didn't have time for it, and they were waiting for somewhere to put it, and when Jim said Dwight always annoyed him? There was the opportunity. Anyway, Jim says that owing to the gun show and other irritations, he sits around coming up with revenge fantasies all day that won't result in criminal prosecution, and then Dwight comes along and hands him the greatest opportunity ever. If Dwight weren't complicit in so many of his own victimizations, they would be far less enjoyable.

Even though Dwight has cautioned him not to tell anyone about their alliance, Jim shockingly goes straight to -- reception! There, an amused Pam doesn't even know what an "alliance" means in this context. Jim correctly pegs it as a Survivor reference. He also thinks it may lead to building a fort. A fort with plenty of demarcation, of course. And possibly guns. Just then, Dwight calls out to Jim from across the room. "Jim! Hey...hi, Pam. Can I talk to you for a second about the...paper products?" He should really be a spy. Smoother than a velvet slipper, that one.

Behind the door to the break room, Dwight wants to know whether Jim told Pam about the alliance. Jim assures Dwight that he's just using her -- for the good of the alliance. He's using all the information she has access to. She's the office's control center, see? Dwight is impressed. Jim says that Dwight needs to understand that he has to pretend he's having fun with Pam, and there will be "chatting and giggling," and Dwight will have to remain focused and ignore it. Dwight agrees, because he is faithful to his alliance and he is playing this game with integrity and Jonathan is a rat cancer!

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